The Lullaby Setting

of Music for the Shire and the Hobbits


LULLABY SETTING of the Shire/Hobbit Theme is discussed by Doug Adams as being heard once, as Merry and Pippin drift off to sleep lulled by Treebeard's recitation. This slight variant of the Shire A melody languishly flows like a rocking boat... or a rocking tree branch. (Rock a bye baby, in the tree tops...) The liner notes for the CR-TTT indicate this setting is 'returning' but it was not mentioned at all in the liner notes or annotated score of FOTR. Perhaps Doug was just trying to keep the number of themes to a minimum in the CR-FOTR, especially with the Shire theme and all its settings. If that's the case, and the lullaby setting was in FOTR, I can speculate as to what scenes it appeared in.


Places this setting might be heard in FOTR:

  • As Frodo and Sam leave the Green Dragon. Sam overhears a Hobbit flirting a bit with Rosie and is vexed. (EE scene)

  • A rich flute plays a short version over one time through a halting Outline Figure as Sam and Frodo settle down in their tree roots. (EE scene) (I think this might be pushing it but they are settling down for bed!)


One place this theme is heard in TTT:

  • As Merry and Pippin drift off to sleep in Treebeard's branches. Treebeard comforts them with Goldberry's words: "Sleep little Shirelings. Heed no nightly noise. Sleep till morning light."