Assorted Shire Music



ASSORTED SHIRE MUSIC - Somehow, when dealing with ROTK, I ended up with a lot of music associated with the Shire but not easily identifiable by setting - either because it didn't fit into a setting or I was too unskilled to do so. I don't know if the FOTR and TTT music was less complicated or if I just had more confidence. But rather than over fuss with it, I just created a page for everything that was left over when the rest of the music was sorted into settings.


Assorted Shire music heard in ROTK:

  • As Merry and Pippin sit on the walls of Isengard drinking, smoking and reminiscing of good times back in the Shire, the music combines elements of the Shire Theme and the Fellowship Theme.

  • As Merry gives Pippin the last of the Longbottom Leaf and Pippin realizes just what leaving with Gandalf means, a clarinet flirts around with the Shire theme, then the strings do the same with the Fellowship Theme.

  • As Merry offers his sword to King Théoden in service, the music references elements of the Shire Theme.

  • As Frodo sides with Gollum against Sam, "You can't help me anymore.", the music presents a short, vague, and slightly nightmarish reference to the Shire music. As Frodo sends Sam away, "Go home." the Shire tinged music warms in a melancholy way. Perhaps the warped version reflects Frodo's state and the warmer version reflects Sam's innate simple goodness.

  • A warm whistle moves around the Shire notes as Merry is told by Théoden that he does not belong in war and will not be allowed to accompany the Riders of Rohan to Minas Tirith.

  • When Pippin finds Merry on the battlefield, we hear a matured version of the Shire music. Not only the orchestration but the melody itself is maturing.

  • After Frodo drains the last drops of his water bottle, Sam offers him his. When Frodo protests there will be none for the return journey, Sam states, "I don't think there *will* be a return journey." With Sam's words, we get just a little light touch of a Shire variant. Even though things seem hopeless, Sam pulls Frodo up and I think it's the mere thought of the Shire that keeps them going.

  • As both Sam and Frodo are crawling up the mountain... rather unsuccessfully... the music presents both a low roll of thundery percussion (the mountain) and a clear, high whistle. The clear, high whistle plays a tune only vaguely referencing the Shire melody. At this point, I think the whistle represents Sam and Frodo and the last bit of Shire they hold within them.. even if they wouldn't recognize it.

  • A moment later, Sam asks, "Do you remember the Shire, Mr. Frodo?" The music here is not so harsh. The rumbling mountain is only a whisper against the whistle and a soothing choir accompanies Sam's soothing memories. Again, the Shire melody is not very present... the whistle must carry the concept.

  • As Frodo awakens, bathed in bright light, in Ithilien, the orchestra plays a melody we will hear later in the Shire's Green Dragon... the Fragrance of Ithilien.

  • A soft, lush version of the Shire A melody is heard as Sam appears at the door of Frodo's sick room in Ithilien. I could not decide if this was a Pensive or Hymn Setting or neither.

  • That exquisitely beautiful fiddle plays a version of Shire music I call the Fragrance of Ithilien as the four Hobbits share quiet thoughts, company and drinks at the Green Dragon. This is Shire music that has matured quite past the more familiar 'In Dreams' melody. The CR-ROTK liner notes state the melodies and instrumentation of the Shire are mixed with hints of the Fellowship Theme. This is too subtle for me to pick out.

  • A variant of the Shire A is heard when we cut to Gandalf's wagon pulling up to the Green Dragon to meet with the Hobbits who will escort Bilbo to the Grey Havens and as Bilbo asks to see his old Ring again.