Éowyn, Shieldmaiden of the Rohirrim

A Rohirric Theme for Éowyn


ÉOWYN, SHIELDMAIDEN OF THE ROHIRRIM, a theme from Rohan, is one of Éowyn's three themes. This one, in triple time, represents her as an independent entity.


Some of the places this theme is heard in TTT:

  • An 'early version' is heard as Éowyn runs up the stairs to the wounded Théodred.

  • As Éowyn flees from Wormtongue (who desires her) and rushes out into the cool fresh air and then, a few seconds later, a sparse version is heard as the 'Fellowship' subgroup rides into Edoras.

  • A light version plays as Éowyn offers Gimli and the Aragorn some stew. (EE version only) (I can't tell how this differs from Éowyn and Théoden)

  • As Éowyn and the refugees enter Helm's Deep.

Some of the places this theme is heard in ROTK: