Éowyn and Aragorn

A Rohirric Theme for Éowyn


ÉOWYN AND THÉODEN, a theme from Rohan, is one of Éowyn's three themes. Éowyn and Aragorn starts out similarly to her other two triple-time themes but quickly veers off into a more emotional 4/4 melody. It represents the relationship, such as it is, between Aragorn and Éowyn.


Some of the places this theme is heard in TTT:

  • When she pleads with Aragorn to let her fight alongside the men of Helm's Deep... alongside Aragorn. (EE version only)

Some of the places this theme is heard in ROTK:

  • As Éowyn toasts Aragorn at Edoras, "Westu Aragorn hál!"

  • As Éowyn retells her dream of a great wave climbing over green lands. (EE version only)

  • Double violin plays the theme when Aragorn tells Éowyn that her attraction to him is "but a shadow and a thought that you love... I cannot give you what you seek." as he prepares to leave the Rohirrim to travel the Paths of the Dead.