The Fate of the Ring /
The Destruction of the Ring

A Fourth Age Theme for the One Ring


THE FATE OF THE RING, a theme for The One Ring, appeared once as an "incomplete phrase" in the TTT.

It reappeared in the ROTK as the Fourth Age Theme, THE DESTRUCTION OF THE RING, not while we see the destruction of the Ring but when we see the result of the Ring's destruction has on Barad-dr and the lands surrounding it.


The place the Fate of the Ring is heard in TTT:

  • When Gandalf reminds Aragorn that they have an advantage: "The Ring remains hidden. The weapon of the enemy is moving towards Mordor in the hands of a Hobbit."

Places the Destruction of the Ring is heard in ROTK:

  • As the tower of Barad-dr begins to crumble after the destruction of the Ring. As the choir, singing lyrics from Don't Let Go comes to it's climax, we see the relieved face of Gandalf where a shuddering smile starts to form.

  • As the shock wave from the explosion of Barad-dr passes over the land in front of the Black Gate. The ground opens up and swallows the Orcs and the Black Gate, leaving an island intact upon which the Army of the West stands. As the choir, singing lyrics from The Mountain of Fire comes to it's climax, Mount Doom, itself, explodes.