The Ringwraiths' Theme
The Power of Mordor

Two Themes for Mordor


THE RINGWRAITHS' THEME, a theme for Mordor, is often defined by singing taken from the source text, The Revelation of the Ringwraiths. This theme uses a strong, staccato rhythm on the first and second beat of the measure. It is used exclusively with the Ringwraiths except once, in the prologue.

Three Mordor Accompaniments, the Descending Third Theme, Threat of Mordor, and the Mordor Skip-beat, are often used as ostinatos to the Ringwraiths' Theme.


The Ringwraiths' Theme was used extensively in FOTR, but only once in TTT. The Ringwraiths' assault on Minas Tirith is the Fourth Age elaboration of the Ringwraiths theme, The Power of Mordor. It bears some choral similarities to the Ringwraiths' Theme and is probably a variant of their theme. It, too, uses choir and a staccato catch beat that resembles the staccato rhythm of the Ringwraiths theme. I've placed the instance of the Power of Mordor below on this page.





Places this theme is heard in FOTR:

  • Prologue In the Battle of the Last Alliance as Elrond shouts out orders

  • When the Ringwraiths ride from Minas Morgul

  • When the Ringwraith chases the Hobbits to Bucklebury Ferry

  • When the Ringwraiths knock down Bree Gate, ride down the street and enter the Prancing Pony

  • A very quiet version as the Ringwraiths stab at the beds in the Prancing Pony

  • As the Ringwraiths advance on Frodo at Weathertop

  • As the Ringwraiths chase Arwen and Frodo on horseback

  • At the Council as Elrond explains that the Ring cannot be destroyed by any craft they possess

  • As the Council argues amongst itself and Frodo hears the muttering Black Speech of Sauron. The Ringwraiths' Theme is playing under the last part of Sauron's Theme and continues under the arguing and muttering and is very hard to hear on the movie. It's easier to hear on the CR-FOTR.

The only place this theme is used in TTT:

  • As a Ringwraith flies over Frodo, Sam and Gollum in the Dead Marshes.

The only place the Power of Mordor, The Ringwraiths' Fourth Age Theme is heard in ROTK:

  • The Fourth Age version of the Ringwraiths Theme, The Power of Mordor, is heard over the Descending Third motif as the Ringwraiths fly over Minas Tirith, assaulting it. This music starts out with a rhythm that is essentially: one long note (4 counts), a quick catch note and another long note. In this scene, the staccato catch notes fall out... that is the Power of Mordor begins to wane or degrade slightly... when Gandalf yells, "Hold them back. Do not give in to fear! Stay at your posts!" Don't you love it?