The Army of the Dead

A Theme for Middle-earth: All Shall Come to Darkness


THE ARMY OF THE DEAD, a theme for Middle-earth in the subcategory of All Shall Come to Darkness, is an eerie mixture of low men's voices and instruments (including Tibetan Hanging Gongs) with high, diaphanous strings. Not actually used in direct conjunction with the Army of the Dead, the theme mostly provides a sense of foreboding before the oathbreakers are ever encountered. Although the melody remains fairly consistent, the lyrics and source text vary.


Places this theme is heard in ROTK:

  • At Dunharrow, Éomer says, "That mountain is evil." The horses are nervous. Aragorn looks towards the mountain and sees an apparition of the Dead King. This scene uses lyrics from The Dimholt Road.

  • The Army of the Dead theme plays under the Fellowship theme as the Three Hunters set out from Dunharrow to seek the Paths of the Dead. This scene does not use voices.

  • As the Three Hunters make their way along the Dimholt Road. Legolas recounts the history of the dead that dwell under the mountain. This scene is longer in the EE than the TE. This scene uses lyrics from The Way is Shut.

  • As the Three Hunter realize the floor of the mountain is covered in skulls and bones and they must walk on them to proceed. There are voices but I don't know what they are singing.