Gondor Reborn

A Fourth Age Theme for Gondor


GONDOR REBORN, a Fourth Age theme for Gondor, is built off the Minas Tirith theme, Gondor Reborn represents "Gondor's rightful place in Middle-earth is restored. Gondor has a new, just king; evil is vanquished; and Middle-earth begins its new era of peace."  (Doug Adams, CR-ROTK liner notes, page 19)



Places this theme is heard in ROTK:

  • A brief phrase plays as Sam notes that, as sun falls on the fallen statue, the "King has a crown again".

  • As first Gandalf and then Aragorn breathe a sigh of relief as they realize that the Ring has truly been destroyed. The Great Eye explodes sending a shock wave through air and ground. Merry triumphantly shouts, "Frodo! Frodo!" and Gimli shakes his fists in joy. In the movie, the music heard here is tracked in from the coronation scene. On the CR-ROTK, you can hear a different version of the same Gondor Reborn theme. The version heard on the CR-ROTK is a bit brighter.

  • As the camera (leaving Frodo's sick bed) pans up to the top tier of Minas Tirith, over the crowd of onlookers, to the steps of the citadel where Gandalf takes a crown from Gimli and holds it aloft over Aragorn's head. (As the crown touches his head, the music switches to the Gondor Theme.)