Strider's Theme & Aragorn's Theme

Themes Associated With the Fellowship of the Ring


ARAGORN'S THEME, a theme associated with the Fellowship of the Ring (the group of nine), develops out of STRIDER'S THEME and into Gondor's Ascension phrase.

When first heard in Bree, Strider's theme provides short musical hints at the character. It isn't until Amon Hen that the more complete melody of Aragorn's theme arises. In the ROTK, the rising nature of Aragorn's theme replaces the declining nature of the last half of the Gondor Theme to create Gondor in Ascension*.

This evolution happens gradually over the three movies and hints of Strider are heard up until the coronation scene. All of this music had originally been identified by me and by Doug as one theme (called Aragorn, by me... and the Heroics of Aragorn in the Complete Recording liner notes). It suits the purposes of this website to keep both on one page (where they first started) and for you, the reader to understand that Strider is heard in Prancing Pony and Aragorn's Theme is heard at the coronation (as the Ascension phrase of the Gondor Theme). In between... it's a bit muddled. For more info, consult The Music of the LOTR Films.

*Regarding the difference between the Aragorn's Theme and Gondor in Ascension: When the ascending phrase is used by itself and directly connected with Aragorn but not with Gondor it would be Aragorn's Theme. When it is used in conjunction with the Gondor Theme and directly connected to Gondor with or without Aragorn, the ascending phrase creates the Gondor in Ascension Theme.

Strider's Theme

Aragorn's Theme



Places this theme is heard in FOTR:

  • In the prologue, after Elendil is killed, Isildur looks up at Sauron and then picks up the broken sword to attack. As he attacks, this music sounds a lot like Strider/Aragorn music and has been identified as such on the Lord of the Rings Score Analysis Project. Since the scene is about Isildur (Aragorn's ancestor) and the sword that was broken, I think it makes sense that the Strider/Aragorn music would be used however no mention of the theme is made for this track in the Music of the LOTR Films.

  • Strider's Theme plays in the Prancing Pony, just after Butterbur tells Frodo the name of the gentleman in the corner who's been watching them, as Frodo says, "Strider". But the music throughout this scene references Strider's Theme.

  • Strider's Theme is heard just after Frodo is stabbed by the Morgul Blade on Weathertop and Aragorn leaps out with a torch. This music is laid over a 5/4 beat.

  • As Aragorn's sends Frodo away and turns to face the advancing Uruk-hai on Amon Hen. This is a good example of Aragorn's Theme.

Places this theme is heard in TTT:

  • When Aragorn dreams of a Rivendell conversation with Arwen. A flute begins a soft melody just after Arwen says, 'Sleep'. It continues as she stands and Aragorn, still reclining looks at her. The phrase ends as he begins to speak to her in Elvish. Aragorn's Theme guides the melody for this music.

  • As Aragorn regains consciousness on the banks of the river, Sheila Chandra sings from the Grace of the Valar. In the AS-TTT, Doug Adams writes, "Though painted in Elven hues, the melody belongs to Aragorn—its contours are informed by the Heroics of Aragorn theme."

  • A strong, heroic version of Aragorn's Theme is heard while Aragorn is riding Brego. The phrase start just after Aragorn spots the armies of Isengard and spurs his horse to ride quickly to Helm's Deep. Another higher pitched phrase is played as we see the mountains and then, as the camera turns, Helm's Deep.

  • The fan credits for the TTT-EE dvd end with a restatement of the 'Aragorn riding Brego' music.

Places this theme is heard in ROTK:

  • As Gandalf and Pippin, on Shadowfax, gallop up the streets of Minas Tirith.  The ascending Gondor B phrase (related to Aragorn's Theme) is used here with the more common version of the Gondor Theme.

  • An instance of Aragorn's Theme was scored for the Mouth of Sauron scene but ultimately cut. It can be heard on the CR-ROTK, Disc 3, Track 15, The Mouth of Sauron from 1:45 - 2:01 The music from 1:45 - 2:11 encompasses the moment Aragorn rides toward the MOS until (just before) he beheads him. The section 1:45 - 2:01 is not in the movie (the corresponding action being edited out.) The part remaining the movie (on the CR from 2:01 - 2:11) is just one long sustained note which means the Heroics music is not heard in the movie.

  • The Gondor and the Gondor in Ascension phrase (related to Aragorn's Theme) are interlaced as the crown is placed on Aragorn's head and he steps forward to meet his people. A (possible) variant that echoes the call and response nature of the two phrases immediately follows as the people receive their king.