The Ent Theme

A Theme for Ents


The music of the Ents is informed as much by the instruments used as by any melody. Shore used a collection of wood instruments, bassoon and low basses that play meandering melodies that evoke mass and mystery. The music moves with a slow but deliberate cadence. The list below is for the bassoon music, but various wood percussion instruments were also used in association with Treebeard and Fangorn Forest. 


Some of the places this music is heard in TTT:

  • As Treebeard tries to 'squeeze' the truth' out of Merry and Pippin.  He thinks they are little Orcs.

  • As the Three Hunters enter Fangorn Forest in search of Merry and Pippin and find strange tracks. Legolas senses that the forest is very old and full of memory.

  • Just after Legolas senses the presence of the White Wizard.  Aragorn says, "Do not let him speak. He will put a spell on us."

  • As Gimli takes back his 'rude' words about the Ents, we hear the bassoon, although it's mostly just notes that blend with the creaks and groans of the offended Huorns. (TTT EE only)

  • Gandalf is telling Gimli that Merry and Pippin have set things in motion within Fangorn and the Ents are going to wake up... "and find they are strong."  The bassoon plays over this last quote.  (TTT EE only)

  • When Merry wakes up in Wellinghall and thinks he hears something.  A groan from the forest... "There it is again.  Something's not right here... not right at all."  (TTT EE only)

  • The bassoon gets a little more aggressive when Old Man Willow has successfully 'captured' Merry and Pippin. (TTT EE only)

  • As Merry and Pippin begin to hear the arrival of the Ents for the Entmoot.

  • As Treebeard hears Merry and Pippin, inside a storehouse in the flooded Isengard, laughing uproariously.  (TTT EE only)