An Elven Theme for Arwen


"EVENSTAR" (Arwen & Aragorn), an Elven theme,  depicts a "mature love...compromised by responsibility" (Doug Adams, CR-TTT liner notes, page 12). Although the melody can be heard as an instrumental, it is sung in places using lyrics from the source text, Evenstar. There's one slow line sung by a soft, female choir and another line sung by soprano, Isabel Bayrakdarian.



Places this theme is heard in TTT:

  • As Arwen and Aragorn talk 'in a dream'.  (Aragorn is actually in Rohan)  A few lines of Evenstar are sung, as they kiss1, then we hear some of Aragorn's Theme as Arwen gives Aragorn some encouraging words.  After she tells him to trust the Evenstar, to trust them, more lines of Evenstar are sung, during more kissing.

  • As Aragorn tries to give the Evenstar back to Arwen, a sparse variant of the theme is heard that also has some similarities to The Diminishment of the Elves.

  • As Elrond pleads with Arwen to leave Middle-earth by reminding her of Aragorn's mortality.  As he describes what lies ahead for her we see this future, her holding vigil over Aragorn's body and tomb - and her wandering through the forests (of Lórien?)

  • A nice version is heard during the credits of TTT and during some of the documentaries of the EE DVD.  It has both singing and instrumental verses.

Places this theme is heard in ROTK:

1dialog for this scene
Go to sleep.
I am asleep. This is a dream.
Then it is a good dream. Sleep.
[Arwen bends over and kisses Aragorn. Then she gets up and walk over to the pillar of the verandah.]