Arwen Revealed

An Elven Theme for Arwen


ARWEN REVEALED, an Elven theme, is heard twice in the movies. Doug Adams comments in the CR-FOTR that the Rivendell Theme is often applied to Arwen, especially in TTT & ROTK. But as a 'freethinker' among the Elves, she is supplied with her own material and is given "four subsidiary themes" (The Music of the LOTR Films, pg 44)

Arwen Revealed represents Arwen as a single entity rather than in connection with other people or concepts. It also starts by emphasizing her Elvish essence and reappears as she fully and finally steps into the world of Men.

The theme is sung using lyrics from the Song of Lúthien.


The place this theme is heard in FOTR:

The place this theme is heard in ROTK: