A Theme for Dwarves


MORIA, a Dwarven theme, is an ascending phrase used primarily in FOTR after the Fellowship leave Balin's Tomb and up to the Gandalf's standoff with the Balrog. In the TTT, is heard while the Balrog and Gandalf fall through the mines of Moria.


Places this theme is heard in FOTR:

  • As the Door of Durin finally swings open, we hear a fairly non-threatening version of the theme.

  • Just after the Fellowship finds the crumbling stair/bridge. Gandalf hears the Balrog and turns to look behind him. Legolas calls to him from the other side of the gap (having already jumped) and Gandalf jumps after him.

  • Legolas shoots an arrow and the camera follows it till it hits an Orc in the forehead. The orc falls. Boromir leaps the gap in the bridge with Merry and Pippin. Legolas shoots again.
  • As the bridge crumbles further, leaving Aragorn and Frodo on the wrong side of the increasing gap. The Balrog roars again.

  • As Aragorn and Frodo teeter the bridge to get it to fall toward the rest of the Fellowship. The Moria Voices are chanting in melody to the Moria Theme here.

  • As the camera, overhead, follows the Fellowship as the run single file along another narrow bridge.

  • When the Balrog strikes with his sword at Gandalf who is protected by a bubble of magic. The Balrog roars and Gandalf roars back, "You shall not pass."

Places this theme is heard in TTT:

  • The slow sweeping music heard as the opening company credits (NewLine and Wingnut) are shown and then as the camera swoops over the Misty Mountains, sound to me like the Moria Theme, especially the iteration heard at the Durin's Door. The AS-TTT make no mention of this music being the Moria Theme and it's the next iteration that's listed as a first example.

  • As Glamdring falls into Gandalf's hand and he 'catches up' with the Balrog during the descent of the Maiar into the depths of Moria.

  • As the Balrog swats at Gandalf, knocking him loose and the two continue to fall. These two sections, which are separated by the Dark Places of the World motif, are both being sung by the Moria Voices.