A Theme for Dwarves


DWARROWDELF, a Dwarven theme, "expresses the Dwarves' pride as well as their folly."  (Doug Adams, CR--FOTR liner notes, page 19). This music is heard three times: in the halls of Dwarrowdelf and twice in Balin's tomb.


Places this theme is heard in FOTR:

  • When the Fellowship moves into the halls of Dwarrowdelf for the first time

  • A phrase that contains elements of the Dwarrowdelf theme is played as Gimli is on his knees, grieving at Balinís tomb. HS COMMENT 

  • Another phrase with Dwarrowdelf elements is played just after Frodo was skewered by the Cave Troll and the Fellowship is launching a last assault. HS COMMENT