Overview of Themes for



In The Music of the LOTR Films, Doug Adams identifies five themes associated with Rohan, three of them for Éowyn.


ROHAN FANFARE - This theme, of course, represents the kingdom of Rohan and it's probably the most predominant theme in the TT. Although it manifests in various sorts of orchestrations, it's most distinctive when played on the Hardanger Fiddle. On this site, I refer to it simply as the Rohan Theme.



RIDERS OF ROHAN - This theme appears twice (in TTT) in connection with Éomer and his men. For more information, see The Music of the LOTR Films.


ÉOWYN  SHIELDMAIDEN OF THE ROHIRRIM - This triple time music represents Éowyn as an independent entity.


ÉOWYN AND THÉODEN - This triple time music represents Éowyn relationship with Théoden. It keeps the same harmonics as the previous theme but is more developed. DA describes it as having a 'delayed upwards arc' (CR-TTT Liner Notes pg 18). The cadence makes me think of walking with a step-together-pause walk like you see brides or graduates using. But at least one instance of the Éowyn Shieldmaiden theme seems to have this cadence (the stew scene) so perhaps I'm missing a more important difference.


ÉOWYN AND ARAGORN - This music starts out similarly to the previous two but quickly veers off into a more emotional 4/4 melody.