Overview of Themes for



In The Music of the LOTR Films, Doug Adams identifies two themes for Nature. He writes, "In Tolkien's world, Nature maintains its own culture the same as the hobbits, Elves or Dwarves." (Doug Adams, CR--FOTR liner notes, page 32) This music is organic and flowing.


NATURE'S RECLAMATION - (called simply the Nature Theme on this site) This is the music for nature that spans events in the movies. Quiet as a moth, determined as angry Ents, it "represents Nature's resistance of encroaching evil"  (Doug Adams, CR--FOTR liner notes, page 32).


GANDALF THE WHITE - This theme is particular for Gandalf and represents his relationship, not to the Fellowship (as does The White Rider) but to Middle-earth as a whole.   (Doug Adams, CR--FOTR liner notes, page 19).