Overview of Themes for



In The Music of the LOTR Films, Doug Adams identifies five themes associated with Gondor.


REALM OF GONDOR - This theme has two settings:

 ~ Gondor in Decline - as heard in the FOTR when Boromir speaks of his father during the Council of Elrond

 ~ Gondor in Ascension - DA says this about Gondor in Ascension: "though the Ascension theme is not fully heard until the third film, Aragorn's theme theme...hints at the second half of the Ascension melody." (Doug Adams, CR-FOTR liner notes, page 20)


MINAS TIRITH - This theme represents "everything that mankind can be, should it choose the nobler path". (Doug Adams, CR-FOTR liner notes, page 20-21)


FARAMIR AND DENETHOR - This theme is related to the Ascension Setting of the Gondor Theme.


BATTLEFIELD HEROISM - This theme is heard in the Pyre of Denethor scene and briefly as Gothmog is killed on the Fields of the Pelennor. For more information, see "The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films."




GONDOR REBORN - This theme is built off the Minas Tirith Theme, This theme represents "Gondor's rightful place in Middle-earth is restored. Gondor has a new, just king; evil is vanquished; and Middle-earth begins its new era of peace."  (Doug Adams, CR-ROTK liner notes, page 19)