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In The Music of the LOTR Films, Doug Adams identifies three themes for Gollum.

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PITY OF GOLLUM aka Slinker or Sméagol's Theme is one of Gollum's two themes. This lyrical, slow, sad music is the exclusive music for Gollum in FOTR. It is still evident in TTT, as Gollum and Sméagol take turns with the creatures intentions, but by ROTK, the two have agreed: Frodo and Sam must die. The Pity of Gollum is only hinted at until final aggressive variant is heard.



"GOLLUM SONG" aka Stinker or Gollum's Theme - Doug Adams identifies this end credit song for TTT as being a "further exploration" to the Pity of Gollum. (pg 39, The Music of the LOTR Films). For more information, see The Music of the LOTR Films.

(20 second sample)


MENACE OF GOLLUM aka Stinker or Gollum's Theme - this music is played on a type of hammered dulcimer which gives it a jittery effect.