Overview of Themes for

 The Fellowship of the Ring


In The Music of the LOTR Films, Doug Adams identifies six themes associated with the Fellowship (group of nine) of the Ring.


THE FELLOWSHIP THEME - This theme is heard tentatively during the beginning of Frodo and Sam's journey. It develops gradually into it's full heroic version at the Council of Elrond. After Gandalf's fall in Moria, it begins degrading and is rarely heard in its full heroic manner again until those left rush the Black Gate "For Frodo".


THE DRIVE OF THE FELLOWSHIP - is a three note motif heard in two scenes. For more information, see The Music of the LOTR Films.


THE FELLOWSHIP IN ROHAN - The Fellowship keeps its primary theme while in Rohan, but there are three times it commingles with the Rohan Fanfare to create a variant.


STRIDER'S THEME - Music that had originally been considered as one theme, "The Heroics of Aragorn", is now separated into two. Strider's Theme is the earlier, less 'heroic' versions of the music and the later, more melodically developed is Aragorn's Theme. I have kept both of Aragorn's themes on one page.


ARAGORN'S THEME - See note above for Strider's Theme

DA also identifies two settings for the Gondor Theme--Gondor in Decline and Gondor in Ascension--and says, "the Heroics of Aragorn theme...hints at the second half of the Ascension melody." (Doug Adams, CR-FOTR liner notes, page 20) This is discussed a little further on the Gondor Theme page.


THE WHITE RIDER - This waltz time melody represents "the reincarnated Gandalf the White and his relationship to the Fellowship of the Ring."  (Doug Adams, CR--TTT liner notes, page 23)