Overview of Themes for



In The Music of the LOTR Films, Doug Adams identifies four themes for the Dwarves.

See also: Moria Voices.



MORIA - this ascending phrase is used primarily in FOTR and reprised briefly in TTT.



THE DARK PLACES OF THE WORLD - this three note motif played on blaring brass "appears in the direst situations". (Doug Adams, CR--FOTR liner notes, page 19). .



DWARROWDELF - this theme "expresses the Dwarves' pride as well as their folly."  (Doug Adams, CR--FOTR liner notes, page 19).



DWARF END CAP is a playful relative of the Hobbit End Cap that is heard only once, during the drinking contest at Edoras. For more information, see "The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films."