The Missing

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The Three Hunters

The Burning of the Westfold

(CR-TTT Disc One - Track 6)

Helm's Deep

Éowyn receives the news of Aragorn's fall

(TTT - Track 12)

Refuge of Helm's Deep

Éowyn receives the news of Aragorn's fall

(CR-TTT Disc Two - Track 9)


Music by Howard Shore

Words by Philippa Boyens

Translated into Old English (Rohirric) by David Salo

Old English (Rohirric) Pronunciation Guide

Both the original poem and it's Sindarin translation can be found on TTT Soundtrack CD liner notes and in The Annotated Score of the Two Towers.


Sung by The London Voices for Pippin's Brooch and the Westfold scenes

Sung by Isabel Bayrakdarian when Éowyn learns Aragorn has fallen

Old English (Rohirric)

Original English


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Héo naefre wacode dægréd She never watched the morning rising,
Tó bisig mid dægeweorcum Too busy with the day's first chores,
Ac oft héo wacode sunnanwanung But oft she would watch the sun's fading,
Thonne nihtciele créap geond móras As the cold of night crept across the moors.
And on thaere hwile

And in that moment

Héo dréag thá losinga She felt the loss
Earla thinga the héo forléas. Of everything that had been missed.
Héo swá oft dréag hire sáwle sincende So used to feeling the spirit sink,
Héo ne cúthe hire heortan lust. She had not felt her own heart's wish.