The Mearas

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Gandalf the White

The Ents Will Wake Up

(CR-TTT Disc 1 - Track 13)

The White Rider

Shadowfax's Arrival at Fangorn (not in movie)

(TTT - Track 9)



Gandalf the White

Shadowfax's Arrival at Fangorn (as heard on CR)

(CR-TTT Disc 1 - Track 13)

Forth Eorlingas

The White Rider arrives at Helm's Deep

(TTT - Track 16)

Théoden Rides Forth

The White Rider arrives at Helm's Deep

(CR-TTT Disc 3 - Track 12)


Music by Howard Shore

Words by Philippa Boyens

translated into Old English (Rohirric) by David Salo

Old English (Rohirric) Pronunciation Guide

Lyrics are found in The Annotated Score of the Two Towers.


Shadowfax's Arrival at Fangorn as heard on the OST and the White Rider's arrival at Helm's Deep use the same melody. But the Fangorn scene was replaced with an alternate composition still using lyrics from The Mears but with a different melody.


In an extended TTT scene, Gandalf talks about Merry and Pippin being two small stones. Singing is heard in this scene that apparently utilizes lyrics from The Mearas because of it's proximity to Shadowfax's arrival at Fangorn. This scene has nothing to do with Shadowfax nor does it have a reason to use Rohirric lyrics but I have it on good authority that it was, in fact, lyrics from The Mearas that was used.


Sung by The London Voices and Ben del Maestro.

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Híe hine sáwon feorran In the distance they saw him,
And hwíte sunnan in mane White sun caught in his mane.
Híe lange hine clipodon Long they called him,
Ac hé ne wolde cuman But he would not come.
For thon hé waes Sceadufæx for he was Shadowfax,
Hláford ealra méara Lord of all Horses.
And hé ne andswarode bútan ánne. And he answered only to one.