The Fallen

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The King of the Golden Hall

Gandalf Farewells Théodred

(TTT - Track 6)

Théoden King

Gandalf Farewells Théodred

(CR-TTT Disc Two - Track 3)


Music by Howard Shore

Words by Philippa Boyens

Translated into Old English (Rohirric) by David Salo

Old English (Rohirric) Pronunciation Guide

The English poem and the Old English translation was published on the website accessible with TTT Limited Edition Soundtrack CD. They are not mentioned nor listed in the The Annotated Score of the Two Towers.

 Old English (Rohirric)

Original English


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Hé laered hine rídan He taught him to ride,
And wealdan méce To wield a sword.
And standan fæst To stand strong 
And féond ne forhtian. And show his enemy no fear.
Nú hé sceal leornian Now he must learn
thæt hearde sóth: The hard truth:
Hé raerede his cnapa That he had brought his boy
Of cilde tó menn From childhood.
thæt hé his déath geséo. So that he might face his death like a man.
Sé féond wæs simble mid heom. The enemy was always with them.
Sé féond ne reccede ege. The enemy did not care about fear.