The Entmoot

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not used in the movie nor heard on any CD


Music by Howard Shore

Words by Philippa Boyens

Translated into Sindarin by David Salo

Text inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien

FOTR, Book 6, Chapter VI, Many Partings

Lyrics are found in The Annotated Score of the Two Towers where it says the lyrics are used for the CR track, "War is Upon Us'. The only singing in that track is heard as the Entmoot is called. It would make sense that lyrics from "Entmoot" are used there but the phonetic lyrics for this spot (from the LOTR Symphony) are "Eh Khoo Yahn (long pause) Nen" This doesn't match anything in "Entmoot" but it does match the word "Echuiannen" from "The Ents".

When the choir lyrics became available for the ROTK Live concerts, it seemed lyrics from the Entmoot might have been used in a scene not connected with the Ents. At least not directly. See note below.


Original English


Text in blue indicates language used

Text in green indicates lyrics used

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Text in black indicates English translation

Naur vi eryn, lanc i dalaf

The woods are burning, the ground lies bare

Mathach vi geven?

Do you feel it in the earth?

Nostach vi wilith?

Can you smell it in the air?

Mâb le i nagor,

The war is upon you,

Bâd gurth vi ngalad firiel.

Death moves in the fading light.

Dorthach vi mar han?

Are you part of this world?

Dagrathach go hain?

Will you join their fight?

Scene: Théoden answers the call of Gondor (not in movie)

CR-ROTK Track: The Lighting of the Beacons; 1-15 - MUSIC ONLY - Singing is heard only in the ROTK Live Concerts

Source Text: Entmoot 

After the Beacons are lit, the last within site of Edoras, Théoden declares that Rohan will answer Gondor's call for aid. General bustling ensues. Eomer calls, "Now is the hour, Riders of Rohan, oaths you have taken! Now, fulfill them all! To Lord and Land!"  The music throughout this scene is Nature's Reclamation and as Éomer finishes his summons, a brilliant phrase of the music answers in response. In the ROTK Live concert, the choir sings in unison with the orchestra in this response. The phonetic lyrics are provided and I'm fairly confident they point to Entmoot as the source text. This makes some sense since the Ents are also represented with Nature's Reclamation when they enter the battle for Middle-earth. Also, the two lines used "Mâb le i nagor, Bâd gurth vi ngalad firiel", are translated as: "The war is upon you, Death moves in the fading light."


The time stamps indicate each bar of music. If there are two syllables per bar, the second is a catch note into the following bar. I'm not sure how useful the time stamps are when they come this quickly, but if you sing the first word in each line on the first beat of each measure, you should have it right.


  Phonetic Lyrics Sindarin  
[8:38] MAAH AH mâ(b) (ah articulated twice?)
[8:40] LEH le  
[8:42] EE i  
[8:44] NAH AH na- (ah articulated twice?)
[8:45] GAWR BAH gor  Bâ(d)  
[8:47] GOOR VEE gur(th) vi  
[8:49] AH LAHD (ng)alad  
[8:50] FEE REE firi-  
[8:52] ELL el  

FOTR, Book 6, Chapter VI, Many Partings

Although Tolkien is not credited for this text, he should have been. Two lines are reworded from Treebeard's parting to Celeborn and Galadriel after the destruction of the Ring. They used these same words in the prologue of the movie, spoken there by Galadriel.

Then Treebeard said farewell to each of them in turn, and he bowed three times slowly and with great reverence to Celeborn and Galadriel. 'It is long, long since we met by stock or by stone, A vanimar_, _vanimálion nostari!' he said. 'It is sad that we should meet only thus at the ending. For the world is changing: I feel it in the water, I feel it in the earth, and I smell it in the air. I do not think we shall meet again.'