The Abyss

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Foundations of Stone

The Battle of the Maiar (opening scene)

(TTT - Track 1)


The Battle of the Maiar (opening scene)

(CR-TTT Disc One - Track 1)


Théoden Rides Forth

The White Rider arrives at Helm's Deep

(CR-TTT Disc 3 - Track 12)


Music by Howard Shore

Words by Philippa Boyens

Translated into Khuzdūl by David Salo

The lyrics are found in The Annotated Score of the Two Towers and were published on the website accessible with TTT Limited Edition Soundtrack CD.


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Irkat-lukhud ma No shaft of light
katabrikihu Can breach it
Ulfat-atam ma No breath of air
tanakhi uduhu Comes from it
bin-nāt aznān tarsisi Only an endless dark rises
Bazar udu agānī-furkhīn Deep from the beginnings of the world.
Gurd! Have fear.
Ma nīd sakhu! Do not look down
Ma satf unkhai! Nor step too close
Atkāt zatagrafizu The silence will take you.
Zatablugi sulluzu It will swallow you whole.