The Nazgūl

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The Fields of Pelennor

The Nazgul attack Minas Tirith

(ROTK - Track 13)

The Siege of Gondor

The Nazgul attack Minas Tirith

(CR-ROTK Disc Two - Track 12)

Ash and Smoke

Minas Tirith is overrun

(ROTK - Track 12)

The Tomb of the Stewards

Minas Tirith is overrun

(CR-ROTK Disc Three - Track 3)



Adapted by Philippa Boyens

Music by Howard Shore

Translated into Sindarin by David Salo

Text by J.R.R. Tolkien

TTT, Book 4, Chapter III, The Black Gate

Title, English Original and Sindarin Translation found in AS-ROTK.


A full chorus sings as the Nazgūl and their Fell Beasts attack Minas Tirith.


A women's soprano chorus sings these lyrics after the Army of Mordor overruns the first level and Gandalf gives the order to 'Fall back to the Second Level! Get the women and children out! Get them out!" The melody is a hybrid mixture of Sauron's theme and the History of the Ring theme. The AS-ROTK indicates that the scene, 'Minas Tirith is overrun', uses the source text, "On The Fields of the Pelennor". It does not. The phonetic lyrics for the choir indicate that the source text for that scene is "The Nazgul".


Sung by The London Voices - full choir for 'The Nazgul overrun Minas Tirith and women sopranos for 'Minas Tirith is overrun'


Original English


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Text in black indicates English translation

Ristais dśath Shreds of shadow
Nerchennin o chuil Torn from life
Coll am Borne aloft
na waewath goeyl By fell winds.
Tellin i Neder The Nine have come
Gurth renia Death has taken wing.
Meditha han phan He will eat it all
Meditha ardhon Eat all the world.

TTT, Book 4, Chapter III, The Black Gate:
When Frodo, Sam and Gollum arrive at the Black Gate, Frodo is determined to enter even though there is no hope of surviving this decision. Distressed at this decision, Gollum replies,

`No, no, master! ' wailed Gollum; pawing at him, and seeming in great distress. `No use that way! No use! Don't take the Precious to Him! He'll eat us all, if He gets it, eat all the world."