The Mountain of Fire

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The End of All Things

Frodo dangles, early edit, not in movie

(ROTK - Track 16)



Crack of Doom

The Destruction of the Mordor and Mount Doom

(CR-ROTK Disc Four - Track 2)



Adapted by Philippa Boyens

Music by Howard Shore

Translated into Sindarin by David Salo

Inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien

ROTK, Book 6, Chapter 3, Mount Doom

ROTK, Book 6, Chapter 4, The Field of Cormallen

Title, Original English and Sindarin Translation found in the AS-ROTK and on the DVD that came with the ROTK Special Edition Soundtrack CD. The Original English and the use of the Sindarin translation in the lyrics are found in the MusicNotes sheet music.


The AS-ROTK says this song is first heard in Disc 1, Track 1, Mount Doom. The three 'pieces' of singing in that track are: Frodo claims the Ring, Gollum claims the Ring, Frodo fights Gollum for the Ring. Those pieces were determined (per MusicNotes sheet music) to have used lyrics from The Destruction of the Ring. Therefore I think this is a mistake.


Sung by Renée Fleming.


Original English


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Nu dalav Beneath the ground
Úrui tuiannen na ruith

Swollen hot with anger

Leithia Orodruin oe in phan.

Orodruin releases all its ruin.
Ristannen i geven, Earth rips asunder
Danna eliad morn. Black rain falls.
Si, na vethed Here at the end;
Meth i naid bain

The end of all things.

I wilith úria The air is aflame,
I ardhon ban lacha! All the world is on fire!

From ROTK, Book 6, Chapter 3, Mount Doom

The Ring is destroyed...

Towers fell and mountains slid; walls crumbled and melted, crashing down; vast spires of smoke and spouting steams went billowing up, up, until they toppled like an overwhelming wave, and its wild crest curled and came foaming down upon the land. And then at last over the miles between there came a rumble, rising to a deafening crash and roar; the earth shook, the plain heaved and cracked, and Orodruin reeled. Fire belched from its riven summit. The skies burst into thunder seared with lightning. Down like lashing whips fell a torrent of black rain. ...

I am glad you are here with me. Here at the end of all things, Sam.'

From ROTK, Book 6, Chapter 4, The Field of Cormallen

Frodo repeats the line...

 'I am glad that you are here with me,' said Frodo. 'Here at the end of all things, Sam.'