Don't Let Go

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The End of All Things

The destruction of the Ring, early edit not in movie

(ROTK - Track 16)



The Crack of Doom

The Destruction of Barad-dr

(CR-ROTK Disc 4 - Track 2)



Text by Philippa Boyens

Music by Howard Shore

Translated into Sindarin by David Salo

Title, Original English and Sindarin Translation found in the AS-ROTK and on the DVD that came with the ROTK Special Edition Soundtrack CD. The Original English and the use of the Sindarin translation in the lyrics are found in the MusicNotes sheet music.


The lyrics are heard on the ROTK-OST in an early edit of the destruction of the Ring scene. They are also heard in the movie and on the CR in the final edit. The melody is similar in the two pieces (for part of the OST's version) but not exactly the same. It is also the probable lyrics for the destruction of Barad-dr scene.


Sung by The London Voices.


Original English


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Anrach nad You want nothing more

Egor gurth hen

Than this death.
Han cenin vi chen ln I see it in your eye.
Egor -'erin le devi But I cannot let you
Tellin men achae We have come too far
Brennin men anann We have held on too long.
Rago! -erich leithio, Reach! You cannot let go,
-erich o nin gwanno. You cannot leave me.