The Dimholt Road

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Marshalling at Dunharrow
That mountain is evil

(CR-ROTK Disc 2- Track 6)


?? Marshalling at Dunharrow ??
Aragorn's is summoned - unused in movie

(CR-ROTK Disc 2- Track 6)


Text by Philippa Boyens

Music by Howard Shore

Translated into Sindarin by David Salo

The title, English Original and Sindarin translation can be found in the AS-ROTK


These lyrics are heard as the Rohirrim are making camp at Dunharrow just after Éomer says of the mountain, "None who venture there ever return. That mountain is evil." As Aragorn looks down the path into the mountain, an apparition of the King of the Dead appears. They may also be heard later in the CR-ROTK track, Marshalling at Dunharrow. For more info, go HERE.


Sung by the men of The London Voices.


Original English


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Go vegil tolo hí

Come armed,

Egor íriel firi

or prepared to die.

‘Ni men hen ú veth ‘war.

There is no other end to this road.