The Argument

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The Black Gate Opens

On the side of the mountain

(ROTK - Track 15)

The Mouth of Sauron

On the side of the mountain

(CR-ROTK Disc Three - Track 13)

The Black Gate Opens

Frodo dangles

(ROTK - Track 15)

The Crack of Doom

Frodo dangles

(CR-ROTK Disc Four - Track 2)


Crack of Doom

The destruction of the Ring

(CR-ROTK Disc 4 - Track 1)



Adapted by Philippa Boyens

Music by Howard Shore

Translated into Sindarin by David Salo

Title, English Original and Sindarin Translation found on the AS-ROTK.


This is heard as Sam asks Frodo to remember the Shire as they both lay on the mountain and then later as Frodo dangles over the lava and Sam insists he reach and take his hand.


A few syllables are also sung as the Eye perceives the Ring has been destroyed (not in movie).


Sung by The London Voices.


Original English


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Caedo, losto.
    Ú-erin davo.
Lie down, sleep.

    I cannot yield.

Amman harthach?
    Anim únad.

Why do you still hope?
    I have nothing else.

Le tûg nach.
    O hon ú-wannathon.
You are a fool.
    I will not leave him.
Ú-moe le anno nad.
    Ónen a hon beth nín.
You owe him nothing.
    I gave him my word.
Gurth han ristatha.
han narcho Gurth.
Death will break it.
    Then let death break it.
Gar vethed e-chúnen,
    go hon bedithon na meth.
He has the last of my heart.
    I will go with him to the end.