Seduction of the Ring

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Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe

Gandalf reads Isildur's Account of the Ring

(CR-FOTR Disc One - Track 7)


The Pass of Caradhras

Boromir's Seduction

(CR-FOTR Disc Two - Track 10)

Amon Hen

Aragorn's Seduction

(FOTR - Track 16)

Parth Galen

Aragorn's Seduction

(CR-FOTR Disc Three - Track 5)

The Forbidden Pool

Faramir's Seduction

(TTT - Track 13)

Faramir’s Good Council

Faramir's Seduction

(CR-TTT Disc Two  - Track 15)


Long Ways to Go Yet

closing credits

(CR-TTT Disc Three - Track 14)


Roots and Beginnings

Sméagol's and Déagol's Seduction

(CR-TTT Disc One - Track 1)


Music by Howard Shore

Quenya Translation by David Salo

Inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien

FOTR, Book 2, Chapter 2, The Council of Elrond

These lyrics, found in the FOTR Annotated Score, are sung by a boy's choir. In almost every iteration, the melody is the Seduction of the Ring Theme. The exception is when Gandalf reads Isildur's account of the Ring in the libraries of Minas Tirith. The melody here is a not the Seduction Theme. In fact, there's not really a melody. The chanting voices just slowly rise in pitch. Thanks to Incanus for identifying the lyrics for this scene.

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Seduction Theme sung by The London Oratory School Schola.


Original English


I tuo, i macil

The strength, The weapon


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Astaldoron mauri

The needs of the valiant

nai Corma macilya

Be the Ring your weapon

I tuo, i macil

The strength, The weapon (repeated in the singing)

Á lelyat túrenna!

Go to victory!

FOTR, Book 2, Chapter 2, The Council of Elrond

Boromir is arguing for using the Ring against Sauron instead of hiding it or destroying it.

'I do not understand all this,' he said. `Saruman is a traitor, but did he not have a glimpse of wisdom? Why do you speak ever of hiding and destroying? Why should we not think that the Great Ring has come into our hands to serve us in the very hour of need? Wielding it the Free Lords of the Free may surely defeat the Enemy. That is what he most fears, I deem.

'The Men of Gondor are valiant, and they will never submit; but they may be beaten down. Valour needs first strength, and then a weapon. Let the Ring be your weapon, if it has such power as you say. Take it and go forth to victory!'