In Dreams

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The Breaking of the Fellowship


(FOTR - Track 17)

The Road Goes Ever On... Pt. 2


(CR-FOTR Disc Three - Track 9)


Words and Music by Fran Walsh and Howard Shore


Inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien

FOTR, Book 3, Chapter IV, Treebeard

Quenta Silmarillion, Chapter XIX, Of Beren and Lúthien (?)

End of the movie/credits song for FOTR.


Sung by Edward Ross.


When the cold of Winter comes
Starless night will cover day
In the veiling of the sun
We will walk in bitter rain

But in dreams
I can* hear your name
And in dreams
We will meet again

When the seas and mountains fall
And we come to end of days
In the dark I hear a call
Calling me there
I will go there
And back again


*The liner notes read "I still hear your name" but it seems quite clear he says 'can'.

Thanks to Kelsey Green for bringing this to my attention.


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FOTR, Book 3, Chapter IV, Treebeard

Treebeard relates to Merry and Pippin the Song of the Entwives. He begins by saying:

There was an Elvish song that spoke of this, or at least so I understand it. It used to be sung up and down the Great River. It was never an Entish song, mark you: it would have been a very long song in Entish! But we know it by heart, and hum it now and again. This is how it runs in your tongue:

He then sings the call of the Ent and the response of the Entwives for the seasons of Spring and Summer. The call of the Ent for Winter goes:

ENT. When Winter comes, the winter wild that hill and wood shall slay;
When trees shall fall and starless night devour the sunless day;
When wind is in the deadly East, then in the bitter rain
I'll look for thee, and call to thee; I'll come to thee again!'

The line, "I'll come to thee" inspires "We will meet again."

The response of the Entwives mentions the darkness of the starless night, evoking the line of In Dreams that reads, "In the dark I hear a call":

ENTWIFE. When Winter comes, and singing ends; when darkness falls at last;
When broken is the barren bough, and light and labour past;
I'll look for thee, and wait for thee, until we meet again:
Together we will take the road beneath the bitter rain!

At the end of the song, Ent and Entwife, presumably reunited at last, sing together:

BOTH. Together we will take the road that leads into the West,
And far away will find a land where both our hearts may rest.

Again, this hearkens to the line, "We will meet again." In the dark the Entwives heard a call and they went.

It also leads us directly to life beyond this world, or the world of Middle-earth. The song strongly implies the 'next step' of existence.


Quenta Silmarillion, Chapter XIX, Of Beren and Lúthien

HobbitLove writes, "Seas and mountains comes from a phrase in the Silmarillion referring to Aman. Finrod Felagund says to Beren"

I go now to my long rest in the timeless halls beyond the seas and the Mountains of Aman..."

She continues, "Can we assumes that when they "fall" it is the end of the world as the elves know it?" The Song of the Entwives and the quote from the Silmarillion both deal touch on what comes after life as we know it: when we come to 'end of days'


note: I am indebted to HobbitLove and OrdinaryHobbit who made me aware of these connections between the song, "In Dreams", and Tolkien's writings.