Hymn to Elbereth

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Many Meetings

Welcome to Rivendell - Rivendell Theme

(FOTR - Track 9)


Welcome to Rivendell - Rivendell Theme

(CR-FOTR Disc Two - Track 5)


Gilraen's Memorial

Leaving Rivendell

(CR-FOTR Disc Two - Track 9)


The Road Goes Ever On, Pt. 2

closing credits - Rivendell Theme

(CR-FOTR Disc Three - Track 9)

The Leave Taking

The Elves leave Rivendell - Rivendell Theme variant

(TTT - Track 11)

The Story Foretold

The Elves leave Rivendell - Rivendell Theme variant

(CR-TTT Disc Two - Track 12)

The Elves Leave Rivendell

closing credits - Rivendell Theme variant


Long Ways to Go Yet

closing credits - Rivendell Theme variant

(CR-TTT Disc Three - Track 14)



Music composed by Howard Shore


Text (Sindarin and English) by J.R.R. Tolkien
FOTR, Book 2, Chapter I, Many Meetings

This is one of a couple of hymns to Varda, (or Elbereth in the Sindarin tongue) highest of the Valiar. This was sung (in the book) by an Elf of Rivendell in the Hall of Fire on the eve of Elrond's Council.  The first two lines are used for the Rivendell Theme. The last bit is used when the Fellowship leaves Rivendell on the EE DVD. The title, "Hymn to Elbereth" is from the FOTR Annotated Score.


The lyrics are used in association with Rivendell and, with one exception (Leaving Rivendell), the melody is the Rivendell Theme or a variant of it.


Sung by The London Voices, female choir.


A Elbereth Gilthoniel
Silivren penna míriel

O menel aglar elenath!
Na-chaered palan-díriel
O galadhremmin ennorath
ilos, le linnathon
Nef aer, sí nef aearon!



Tolkien’s translation: (not literal)

O! Elbereth who lit the stars
From glittering crystal slanting falls with light like jewels
From heaven on high the glory of the starry host.
To lands remote I have looked afar,
And now to thee, Fanuilos, bright spirit clothed in ever-white,
I here will sing Beyond the Sea, beyond the wide and sundering Sea.



Annotated Score translation (by David Salo):

 O Elbereth Star-kindler
There slants down like shining jewels
From heaven the glory of the stars.
After gazing afar into the distance
From tree-tangled Middle-earth
Snow-white, I sing to you
Beyond the sea, here beyond the great sea.


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FOTR, Book 2, Chapter I, Many Meetings

This song was sung by an anonymous Elf during the merrymaking in Rivendell that preceded the Council of Elrond.

(Frodo) stood still enchanted, while the sweet syllables of the Elvish song fell like clear jewels of blended word and melody. `It is a song to Elbereth,' said Bilbo. `They will sing that, and other songs of the Blessed Realm, many times tonight.