Hymn for Gandalf

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The Bridge Of Khazad-dm

Gandalf has fallen

(FOTR - Track 13)


Gandalf has fallen

(CR-FOTR Disc Three - Track 1)



Music by Howard Shore

On this page, I would provide the lyrics for the 'song' sung in these scenes.  But for this 'song', there were no lyrics, just vocal sounds. The music heard after Gandalf falls in Moria was recorded by The London Voices and solo artist, Mabel Faletolu.* The same melody and style of delivery without the solo voice is then heard in ROTK at the Grey Havens as Gandalf farewells the Hobbits. The name Hymn for Gandalf is found in the recording notes for FOTR**.


This music is the theme, Gandalf's Farewells.


Not having lyrics, it seems pointless to give it a Source Song page. But quite a few people ask what the lyrics are for this song so it seems best to provide the information.


*Mabel is now known as Mabel Aivale Cole or Aivale Cole.

**Music From The Movies magazine, issue #42, page 36