Durin's Song

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Journey in the Dark

The long, dark of Moria

(FOTR - Track 12)

The Doors of Durin

The long, dark of Moria

(CR-FOTR Disc Two - Track 12)


Balin's Tomb


(CR-FOTR Disc Two - Track 14)



Music by Howard Shore

Text by Philippa Boyens

Khuzdl Translated by David Salo

Lyrics from the FOTR Annotated Score.


Sung by Maori Samoan Choir.


Original English


Durin ku bin-amrad

Durin who is Deathless


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Ugmal sullu addad

Eldest of all Fathers

Ku bakana Who awoke
Ana aznn To darkness
Undu abad Beneath the mountain
Ku ganaga Who walked alone
Tur gand abanul Through halls of stone
Durin ku bin-amrad Durin who is Deathless
Uzbad Khazad-dmu Lord of Khazad-dm
Ku baraka Who cleaved
Aznn The Dark
ra karaka And broke
atkt The silence
ala lukhudizu! This is your light!
ala galabizu! This is your word!
ala ukratizu!  This is your glory!
Khazad-dm! The Dwarrowdelf of Khazad-dm!