A Moth in Isengard

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A Knife In The Dark

The Moth

(FOTR - Track 7)

The Caverns of Isengard

The Moth

(CR-FOTR Disc Two - Track 2)



The Moth returns

(CR-FOTR Disc Two - Track 4)


The Fighting Uruk-hai

You will taste manflesh!

(CR-FOTR Disc Three - Track 4)



Text by Philippa Boyens

Music by Howard Shore

Translated into Quenya by David Salo

These lyrics are from the FOTR Annotated Score.


These lyrics are sung at the debut of the Nature Theme as the Moth appears to Gandalf atop of Orthanc. Later, when Saruman and Gandalf are both atop Orthanc, the Moth reappears as does some a few syllables of singing.


In the FOTR Live symphony (the score played live in concert in conjunction with the movie shown on screen), singing is heard while Saruman tells the Uruk-hai, "You do not know pain. You do not know fear. You will taste Man flesh." This corresponds with 0:24-0:34, FOTR CR, Disc 3, Track 4, The Fighting Uruk-hai however the CR does not contain the singing and it's not in the movie's soundtrack. The three syllables, "nur ru su", are sung as three long chords in the male choir in conjunction with the same notes on the French Horns. It appears they are segments of words from this source text, "nurru(a) su(re)".


The solo for the moth's first appearance is sung by Edward Ross.


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I cemen nurrua…

ar i sure…i súre naina!

The earth groans…

and the wind… the wind is crying!