LOTR Symphony Report

October 13, 2006


Fellowship of the Ring I

The Prophecy Concerning Hobbits The Shadow of the Past A Short Cut to Mushrooms The Old Forest A Knife in the Dark

The lights go down and the music starts. The music, The Prophecy, is heard on the regular CD but not in the movie. I actually like this music very much. The choir is heavily utilized in this piece. The crescendo of the voices with the orchestra was stunning. A great start to the evening. The Taiko drum and gong were played. You might know that images are shown during the movie. I was expecting something very much along the lines of the ROTK credits. That parchment paper look for Alan Lee's drawings. For part of this section, they showed a pencil sketch of the Ring. The camera kind of zoomed in and the Ring rotated... as if we were reading the text inside. Then it dissolved to Gollum's eye and face. hmmm. interesting. I'll speak more about these images later.

I notice the accordion in the Happy Hobbit music of Concerning Hobbits. (more properly called the Rural Setting of the Shire Theme... but that's geeky soundtrack information!) It's actually a musette in the movie score and maybe this one was a musette as well. I don't know if I'd know the difference.

The Boys and Women stand up to deliver the Seduction Theme. This would be when Gandalf says goodbye to Sam and Frodo as they leave the Shire. The Seduction Theme in the movie is not sung in this scene but I think the symphony tries to provide samples and examples of the music. Not only is it condensed greatly but instances of themes were probably chosen and/or rewritten to give a good quick example of the numerous times that theme is used. The music goes into the happy Hobbit cornfield music and then into the foreboding oh-oh Ringwraiths' music. The Ringwraith music is fully developed and will represent all the Ringwraith music from the movie. That goes into the Wizards' fight at Orthanc. (I'm just writing up what I wrote... there was more music, I'm sure... but this is what I noticed.)

Fellowship of the Ring II