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TTT TV Spots


Released December, 2002


TTT TE Disc 2, Special Features > TV Spots
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"Dream" viewable at Uruviel's Argonath at the link entitled: Two Towers commercial #1 930 KB

Music Used:

Another (Nov 21st, 02) Lothlórien Theme (from Lothlórien) / Fellowship Theme (from The Bridge of Khazad-Dűm) Howard Shore

Dream (Nov 29th, 02) sounds familiar... can't place / The Call, undetermined track Howard Shore

New Power (Nov 30th, 02) "Requiem for a Tower" Ant Farm


lots of sound effects and the pounding beat from Amon Hen, 2:32-2:36


Darkness Gandalf hangs on the ledge (from Bridge...) / Isengard Theme / Ringwraiths Theme Howard Shore

Strike Isengard Theme / Crescendo (end of track Journey in the Dark) / pounding Howard Shore

Countdown pounding beat from "Amon Hen", 2:32-2:36 / "Clash of Arms" Howard Shore / X-Ray Dog

One Word Review pounding percussive beat unknown

Review B/Golden Globes "Requiem for a Tower" Ant Farm

Gollum Evenstar song (from Evenstar) Howard Shore

Supreme Review "Requiem for a Tower" Ant Farm

Review A/Globe Gandalf the White Theme (from Forth Eorlingas) Howard Shore

Good Top 10 Gandalf the White Theme (from Forth Eorlingas) Howard Shore

Top 10 Review "Requiem for a Tower" Ant Farm

Return (Dec 12th 02) "Requiem for a Tower" (screencaps at TORn) Ant Farm

In Five Days (Dec 13, 02) don't know  

In Four Days ? I can't find evidence that this existed but I'm fairly certain it did. Same as "In Five Days"?  

In Three Days (Dec 15) Descending Third / Isengard Theme / crescendo from TT Teaser Howard Shore

In Two Days / In One Day These were the same as "In Three Days" except for the voice over saying "In ___ Days" Howard Shore

The Wait is Over (Dec 18) Ents Destroy Isengard (from Isengard Unleashed) / "Clash of Arms" Howard Shore / X-Ray Dog

I can remember this run of "In ____ Days" of TV Spots. Word would make it out about what TV show would air the ads and we'd... okay, *I'd* sit waiting eagerly. I can remember the first time they showed a glimpse of the Ents striding across the land (on their way to Isengard). I was so excited by it that I stood up from my chair and screamed. This could be an especially amusing mental image were you to know me. I'm not a screaming fangirl. But sometimes... a girl's gotta squee and squee I did that night.

Basic trailer music information from Soundtrack.net (look under L for "Lord of the Rings") and Audible Beauty.