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TTT Theatrical Preview


Released March 29, 2002

This preview was tacked onto the FOTR movie (March 2002) while it was still in theaters. It was then offered as an easter egg on a FOTR EE DVD.


The Fellowship of the Ring, Disc 2 easter egg

From the chapter menu:

Go to 48 - Official Fan Club Credits

Move one more step down
(or hover cursor under the number 48)

Click on the Two Towers that appears


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Music Used:

0:00-0:47 Dwarrowdelf Theme FOTR OST, track12, Journey in the Dark

0:56-2:00 Lothlórien Theme FOTR OST, track14, Lothlórien

2:00-2:36 Moria Chanting FOTR OST, track 13, The Bridge of Khazad-Dűm

2:36-3:30 Fellowship Theme FOTR OST, track 13, The Bridge of Khazad-Dűm

Pre-release info (mostly from the news archives of TheOneRing.net)

12-21-01 : Rumors grew.... that a "novel distribution scheme" to add a TTT trailer to the end of the FOTR while it was still in theaters was being considered.

Jan, 02 : Dates started getting suggested as to when the trailer will be seen: Feb 1st.... then 'sometimes after the Oscar voting' (Feb 12)...

Feb 2, 02 : AICN posted what seemed to be a genuine review from a person lucky enough to have seen a rough cut of the upcoming Two Towers trailer. Also UK's The Mirror says to 'look for it in the next few weeks'

Feb 14, 02 : Acccess Hollywood apparently shows some of the footage on their tv program.

Feb 18, 02 : More 'appearing soon' reports and a report that it was shown 'with (of all things) a budget showing of Shallow Hall'

Feb 27, 02 : The date March 22 is given (in a TORN report) as the release date.

March 05, 02 : a behind the scenes report of the making of the trailer is posted at AICN

March 17, 02: Canadian newspapers start advertising the new trailer to premier on March 29. More reports of the upcoming trailer follow from various countries (Germany, Thailand, Turkey, Belgium, Norway, Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, Iceland, South Africa), and theater chains. March 29 seems to be the firm date, now.

March 25, 02 : Another report on the trailer at AICN

March 25, 02 : The morning after the TORn Oscar party, Calisuri reports that "PJ has personally assured us all we will be loving the new trailer this weekend!"

Debuted in theaters, March 29, 2002

March 29, 02 : Again, some are disappointed when they went to FOTR and found the TTT was not yet attached to the end. TORn encourages everyone to call ahead.

March 30, 02 : Someone reports an interesting occurrence during their FOTR viewing at an Eagan MN theater (a suburb about 10 minutes from me)

I went to watch Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring again at the Regal 16 theater by my house in Eagan, MN tonight to see The Two Towers preview at the end.

The theater only had one showing of FotR at 9:25pm. I had called ahead and the manager-on-duty had said the preview would be showing. About half of the seats were filled.

About 15 minutes before the end of the movie, I saw an Eagan city police officer come in with a dim flashlight and kind of check out the theater. He then proceeded to stand in the entry way for the rest of the movie. I figured that he was there to stop people from sneaking in from other movies just to see the preview.

As the last scene of FOTR ended, the theater lights came on and the between-films advertising track started playing. There were no credits or anything. This kind of irritated everyone and there was some grumbling. A few people left, but most stayed even though there was no indication about what was going to happen.

After about 3 minutes of everyone trying to figure out if they were going to show it or not, the cop finally shouted "If anyone wants to stay for the trailer, I have someone checking the projector right now." That was all he said. After about 3 more minutes, the lights suddenly went down and the trailer started. It started pretty abruptly and sputtered for the first couple of seconds. However, based on what I have read on the net, I think we got pretty much the whole thing and the FotR credits followed the preview.

Now I can't figure out why the cop was there - to make sure no one was video taping? To make sure the trailer reel didn't end up on Ebay? Was there some problem in the Project room?

Magpie: I think he was there to see the trailer. ;^)

Magpie thoughts:

To fully talk about my personal relationship with this preview would take more room than I have here. And to condense it down seems to ridiculously minimize its significance. My town has this wonderful vintage movie theater which showed FOTR extensively March-July of 2002. For lots of reasons, that summer was my summer of Tolkien where I became not only obsessed with Tolkien but transformed by his writing. I saw FOTR 7 out of my 9 times at this theater (the other two over winter holidays in 2001) and all 7 of those showings had this preview. After the credits, the screen went dark. Then the words,

appeared (in three steps) on the black screen while the Dwarrowdelf Theme began.

I was in love with that preview. It seemed full of magic and promise and mystery. I realized later that I liked the preview even more than I liked the film, The Two Towers. It was a good summer.

Up until June of 02, I hadn't read LOTR since the late 60's. I was surprised to find I didn't remember as much about it as I thought. I honestly didn't know who that Whiter Rider was in this scene:

...even though they show Gandalf as he appears to the Three Hunters in Fangorn. I don't think I was surprised to find Gandalf alive but I didn't know that he was that White Rider. Of course, by time TTT came out, I had read and fallen completely in love with the books. In some ways, I think my relationship to TTT and ROTK changed. I was more critical of each of them, especially by the change in Faramir. But that's a different thread.

I can say that that preview was the essence of the pure joy and love I held for the movies. It was the pinnacle, the acme. I enjoyed FOTR but my heart quickened for that preview. As I said, I didn't like the TT movie as much as the preview. Helm's Deep in the preview was exciting. Helm's Deep in the movie was long. It isn't that I was disappointed in TTT or ROTK. But the height of my love was kind of focused on this trailer.

Basic trailer music information from Soundtrack.net (look under L for "Lord of the Rings") and Audible Beauty.