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LOTR Teaser #1


Released January 12, 2001. this trailer has scenes from all three movies.


FOTR TE Disc 2, Special Features > Theatrical Trailers > Teaser One

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TORn's screencaps

Music Used:


"Orch Rise #3"

Immediate Music,


"Gothic Power"

X-Ray Dog/Chris Field


"Weather Funeral"

Pfeifer Broz. Music

Pre-release info (mostly from the news archives of TheOneRing.net)

There was quite a bit of buzz about where the trailer would appear... that is, what movie would be showcasing the new trailer. There were lots of TORn news entries the first week of Jan. 01. A new page to the movie preview section was created to keep track of the info.

Countdown Images

Xoanon wrote: "The cool folks at New Line have started a countdown to the first Theatre Trailer for LOTR!!! This is very exciting, the first time the general public will start to hear about LOTR, the buzz is going to hit us soon!!"

You might notice that the logotype and font for the writing was the earliest version that was replaced (by time FOTR was released) with the one we know now.

Debuted in theaters, January 12, 2001  (mostly from the news archives of TheOneRing.net)

After a week of ramped up excitement about what movies will show the trailer, the entries on TORns front page is all about disappointed fans who went to a movie specifically to see the trailer only to find it was not being shown. A page is created to mark the hit or miss status of the trailer.

Jan 19, 2001: the trailer becomes available on the official site for internet viewing.

Corvar writes: "It seems that this week will be forever known in my mind as the "Week of the Trailer." Plans were re-arranged, lunches were missed, massive amounts of time were wasted downloading things, and all in the name of trailers.

TORn's screencaps

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Most of the analysis is pretty accurate except for the speculation that, in this picture, "Frodo and Sam are overlooking the army from the ledge in the lower left."

Basic trailer music information from Soundtrack.net (look under L for "Lord of the Rings") and Audible Beauty.