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LOTR Internet Preview


Released online April 7, 2000, this preview has scenes from all three movies.

Press Release - New Line Cinema will offer its first behind-the-scenes look at the highly anticipated production of The Lord of the Rings exclusively online beginning at 12:01 AM on Friday, April 7th at www.lordoftherings.net

Watch : (the link I had has gone dead and I can't find another one)

TORn's Screencaps

Music Used:


"Lord of the Rings"

Pfeifer Broz. Music,



Immediate Music


no music or sound effects


"Lord of the Rings"

Pfeifer Broz. Music



Immediate Music


no music or sound effects

0:32-0:36 "Lord of the Rings" Pfeifer Broz. Music


"Gothic Power"

X-Ray Dog Pub./Chris Field, comp.

1:14-1:45 "Lord of the Rings" Pfeifer Broz. Music

People were very excited about the music. There were lots of TORn articles either asking for information, providing information, or correcting inaccurate information.

Pre-release info (mostly from the news archives of TheOneRing.net)

Countdown Images

Flash Countdown Images : Four Days Left - Three Days Left - Two Days Left Flash Image - One Day Left

You might notice that the logotype and font for the writing was the earliest version that was replaced (by time FOTR was released) with the one we know now.

The Preview, Debuted online, April 7, 2000  (mostly from the news archives of TheOneRing.net)

More web browsers downloaded the online promotional trailer for The Lord of the Rings during its first 24-hours of availability than any other film marketing footage in history, including the online trailer for Star Wars: Episode 1 The Phantom Menace. (source)

TORn's Screencaps

This was the first good look at the movie and people weren't always sure what they were seeing.

click for larger image

Someone must have thought this was Gollum because an update (from the following day) declares it 'NOT Gollum'.
And no one was sure what this was.
"This is not an Ent, Oliphaunt or Sauron."

There are also quite a few shots of the (unused) Moria Orc battle that takes place near Lothlórien.


In May, someone wrote to TORn after noting this mysterious spot in the sky. I think this scene might be just a demonstration of Massive and not in the movie.

In June, TORn's front page poll asked:

The mysterious, unidentified creature shows up again in August as a prop in a display case. Calisuri wrote, "I wonder what the large "King Kong" looking thing can be. Possibly the troll we have seen so much of in the Internet Preview? Another possible idea: The Balrog? Doubt it. From all reports, WETA is guarding the Balrog tighter then Fort Knox."

Basic trailer music information from Soundtrack.net (look under L for "Lord of the Rings") and Audible Beauty.