LOTR Trailer Information

FOTR Teaser #2


Released May 2001

The DVD calls this Teaser 2. The first teaser was LOTR focused and is referred to here as LOTR Teaser #1. This one, FOTR focused, I called FOTR Teaser #2. But some people refer to it as the first FOTR Teaser.


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TORn's Screencaps

Music Used:


"Mystic's Dream"

Loreena McKennitt, The Mask & the Mirror


There are musical 'sound effects' that sound very much like McKennitt's "Mystic's Dream". And there is a high woman's voice that can be heard that might or might not be Loreena McKennitt. But I've gone in and dissected both the teaser trailer and "Mystic's Dream" and I can't find exact matches between the two. I don't know if they created their own similar sound effects and credited McKennitt for the source inspiration. Or if they had access to material from McKennitt's recording files including material not included in "Mystic's Dream". Or if I'm just being dense and can't find the matches.  Similar sounds are heard in the ROTK Trailer #1 but McKennitt is not credited there. I suspect this was created for the trailer without McKennitt's participation and perhaps the credit is just due to a fan's observation.


no music or sound effects


vague music & sound effects (see note)


Soundtrack.net lists Original Trailer Music by Nielsen & Giacchino. I would assume that this would surely include the later part of this section. The earlier part is quite vague and it's possible that Nielsen & Giacchino did this as well, but I don't know and feel less confident assuming.




Original Trailer Music

Daniel Nielsen / Michael Giacchino


see note for 0:33-1:00


sound effects


"Mother Africa (Reprise)"

Hans Zimmer


sound effects fade to silence

time stamps are approximate since it's dependant on the source

Pre-release info (mostly from the news archives of TheOneRing.net)

On May 4, 2001, Xoanon reported that Ringer Spy SS had seen the trailer which had been completed just the day before. They said the trailer was due out in theaters (and hopefully online) --- I'm not sure if this 'online' statement was that of SS or of Xoanon --- within a few weeks.

On May 6, there was some confirmation it would be attached to Pearl Harbor due to be released on May 25. This report seems to indicate that the previous LOTR Teaser might have still been running in some theaters since the theater manager said, "New Line has pulled the trailer for a few weeks and will be getting a new one..."

May 11, Calisuri says that Mark Ordesky has confirmed a new FOTR trailer would be released soon.

NewLine provides a "Two Days Left" Banner.

May 23. News starts trickling in on where the trailer might be playing, for example, "the new FOTR trailer will definitely be playing with 2 out of the 5 prints of "Pearl Harbor" that will be starting there on Friday. " A Trailer Release Date page gets created to keep track of the info. On it are sensible things to keep in mind:

1. Call ahead and ask. The 'real' phone number is usually at the end of the voice recording number.
2. Ask about the show time you are going to see. Some prints of Pearl Harbor might not be showing the trailer. Don't go until you know.
3. Refunds. In the off chance you don't see the trailer, remember that most theaters don't give refunds. Ask before you go.
4. Go Early. Pearl Harbor is a big summer film. Remember to account for long lines.

NewLine releases a "1 Day Left" banner.

The Trailer, Debuted in theaters, May 25, 2001

TORn's Screencaps

Reports start trickling in. Comments include:

  • darker than the previous one.

  • more dialog from the movie, less what TORn calls Mr. Voice

  • Gandalf looks more wild, unkempt and panicky than people imagine him. Ian McK. responded:

Gandalf the Grey is a wanderer and survives a number of long journeys by foot and horseback – he is rarely sitting out of harm’s way in his pony-trap. So of course he gets dusty and dirty, without benefit of wayside washrooms. Haggard perhaps to look at but that doesn’t stop his being gentle or paternal when appropriate.

Also, a number of people noticed that members of the Fellowship seem to be startled when they hear Gollum whisper, "My Precioussssssss....". This is clearly an editing trick as it didn't happen in the movie.

Some interesting, humorous, or mistaken observations. (most of these found on the screenshot analysis pages)

click for larger image

One early reviewer said there was a shot of
Shot of the Companions on a boat, in a murky river".
I think she's talking about this shot of Lórien.
For this shot, someone wrote, "If you look closely here,
you can see the other hobbits having lunch on the ground behind (Frodo)."
lol.... not quite. Although, it is a Hobbit and food moment, I guess.
This shot is believed to be the Ring sitting
on the table at the Council of Elrond.
We now know it's the floor of Bag End.
This scene baffled people for awhile until someone
noticed that the Moria Orcs had spikey helmets.
People thought it might be Gollum.

Scenes that were eventually proven to be unused.

click for larger image

This one of two Elf maidens running through the woods
Two screenshots of what is surely the skirmish with Orcs in Lórien.
The comment from Gnosis is, "If you watch the arrow in Quicktime you will note that the arrow is SHOT AT the Orcs - the Elves of Lórien are in front and shoot right past the Fellowship - I think this is the moment they are 'saved' by the Elves."

Basic trailer music information from Soundtrack.net (look under L for "Lord of the Rings") and Audible Beauty.