LOTR Trailer Information



Released December, 2001


FOTR TE Disc 2, Special Features > TV Spots

LordofTheRings.net : Television Commercials (including the four with * which are not on the DVD)

These are all 30 seconds in length, fast paced, and heavily feature Mr. Voice.

Music Used:

MTV (screenshots) (Sept 6, 01) "Mother Africa (Reprise)" Hans Zimmer

Top 10/AFI Dwarrowdelf Theme Howard Shore


"Gothic Power"

X-Ray Dog/Chris Field

Academy Nomination Dwarrowdelf Theme Howard Shore

Epic Oscar

"Gothic Power"

X-Ray Dog/Chris Field


"Gothic Power"

X-Ray Dog/Chris Field

Gandalf * "Redrum 2.0" Immediate Music

Arwen * "Redrum 2.0" Immediate Music

Frodo * "Redrum 2.0" Immediate Music

Aragorn * "Redrum 2.0" Immediate Music

Soundtrack.net lists music from The Crow: City of Angels (1996) by Graeme Revell as being used in the TV Spots. In the Final Trailer, they used a short percussive piece from the track, "City of Angels", from the score (not the soundtrack... see above). It's possible (probable?) that that same short percussive piece was also used in one of these spots but I have not determined that definitively. I'm fairly confident that the music identified above is the melodic component to each spot.

Basic trailer music information from Soundtrack.net (look under L for "Lord of the Rings") and Audible Beauty.