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THE MUSIC OF THE LORD OF THE RINGS FILMS - by Doug Adams, October 2010.

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A look at the content areas of the book

A look at the design and construction of the book

My book review (placeholder page - review not written yet)

MUSIC FROM THE MOVIES - Issue 42 - July 2004

The entire issue was pretty much devoted to the LOTR trilogy (72 pages of LOTR material)

This issue has gone out of print and I can't find any information on back issues on the Music From the Movies website... nor can I find any indication that they still publish a magazine (it looks to me like it's a online blog like resource only).

I have done a fair bit of searching to see if anyone might have scans online and I haven't found any but for the cover and one page.


The London Philharmonic Orchestra Yearbook - 2003 issue

The article in this yearbook could be considered lightweight but for this quote:

For his last film, Shore is not naming his soloists yet. But he indicates that its emphasis will be on male voices. Whereas previous soloists had included Enya, Sheila Chandra and Elizabeth Fraser, the subject matter of The Return of the King -- effectively the battle to save the world from evil -- calls out for a lower sound. Maybe not the basses of Gotterdammerung, be we are, given the mythic seep of the tale, in a similar universe.

Of course, we now know that, aside from the cast performers, the vocal soloists for ROTK were either the boy soprano, Ben Del Maestro, or the females, Liv Tyler, Renée Fleming, and Annie Lennox.

scans available here

THE LORD OF THE RINGS; The Making of a Movie Trilogy - Brian Sibley - Nov, 2002

Chapter 12: Knowing the Score (10 pages)

FILM SCORE MONTHLY - all articles by Doug Adams - 2001-2003
all available to FSM subscribers by pdf

Learning New Hobbits - Volume 6, Issue 9 | October/November 2001 - scans available here

One Disc to Rule Them All - Volume 6, Issue 10 | December 2001

Towering Achievements - Volume 7, Issue 10 | December 2002 - scans available here

Seven Days in September - Volume 8, Issue 10 | December 2003  - scans available here