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These are comments about the soundtrack made by Howard Shore (with a few pertinent comments made by other people). Most are from the Extended Editions of the Movie, either the audio commentary (which runs as a separate audio track for the movie) or the appendices feature: Music for Middle-earth. There is also a transcript of a feature available on the bonus DVD that came with the ROTK Limited Edition Soundtrack.




FOTR Audio Commentary - FOTR-EE; Movie Discs 1 & 2

FOTR Music for Middle Earth  - FOTR-EE; Appendices Disc 2


TTT Audio Commentary - TTT-EE; Movie Discs 1 & 2

TTT Music for Middle-earth - TTT-EE; Appendices Disc 4

Discussion Guide for Music For Middle-earth - TTT-EE; Appendices Disc 4


ROTK Audio Commentary - ROTK-EE; Movie Discs 1 & 2

ROTK Music for Middle-earth - ROTK-EE; Appendices Disc 6 (not available yet)


Howard Shore: An Introspective from bonus DVD included in Special Edition ROTK soundtrack


When you see this: HS COMMENT elsewhere on the site, it means that Howard Shore (or someone involved in the movie) has made a comment pertinent to something mentioned there. Click on the link to find out what.

(Note on Appendices Disc numbering: The Movie Discs for the EE versions were all numbered 1 and 2. But the Appendices Discs were numbered throughout the three sets. The two Appendices Discs that came with FOTR-EE were numbered 1 & 2. The two Appendices Discs that came with TTT-EE were numbered 3 & 4. And the two Appendices Discs that came with ROTK-EE were numbered 5 & 6.)