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February 2007

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but you can play on your own.


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There's lots to hear when watching the movies besides music. This week, I concentrated on the sounds associated with the Ring. I have prepared 10 soundfiles, some only a few seconds long, that feature a sound (or series of sounds) associated with the One Ring.

Your task will be to identify what scene or action is happening. In each case, you should be able to specify your description to include the Ring. I suspect this may be very hard. I will give some clues and will not consider it a loss in points if you read them. I'm thinking that, even if you can't identify many, it will still be an intriguing endeavor to listen to these sounds more closely than you may have before.



The first, is obvious... all clips are associated with The One Ring... the Ring... not the website. The rest of the clues are in hidden text below. Highlight to read.

  • The soundclips are: numbered by order they appear in the movie. #1 is heard first... and #10 last.

  • The movies the soundclips are from:

    • FOTR: clips 1 - 5

    • TTT: clips 6 - 8

    • ROTK: clips 9 - 10

  • Places associated with each clip.

  1. Bag End

  2. Bag End

  3. Rivendell

  4. Lothlórien

  5. Amon Hen

  6. Dead Marshes

  7. Henneth Annűn

  8. Osgiliath

  9. Crack of Doom

  10. Crack of Doom

Sound Files:










1. bilbo drops ring

2 gandalf reaches out to touch ring

3 frodo relinquishes the ring at the council

4 frodo snatches the ring from falling into the mirror of galadriel

5 frodo wearing the ring on amon hen

6 frodo stroking the ring in the dead marshes

7 faramir's seduction

8 frodo and nazgul in Osgiliath

9 frodo claims the ring at crack of doom

10 gollum and the ring fall into lava