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I started what I thought would be a fairly straightforward, minor update of some themes to incorporate info from . But it grew (as everything I take on seems to do) into a more thorough sweep of the site to add some basic information (for referencing purposes) and cross linking between pages. I also reorganized and expanded some sections.

I started out trying to document all edits to the site I was making this go around. But to be honest, at some point, the cross referencing, interconnected nature of some of these changes absorbed so much of my attention that the "What's New" page just got forgotten. I think I've got a lot of the changes below but don't assume these are ALL of them.


State of the Site - updated

Official Information & A Magpie's Nest : How does my site interface and support official information? - updated

A Magpie's Nest : A History - (I am currently rereading Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows. Catch the reference?) - I've been doing a lot of researching and documenting of 'history' in many areas of my life. I had some bit of info I wanted to provide or point I wanted to make that belonged in a history of this site and/or my involvement in the LOTR score. I can't remember what that point or bit of info was now.

Odds & Ends - I had this information indexed in the theme area. I think the music in this section started out to be what I had called 'small themes' but it had grown to include observations beyond themes or even music. So I gave it it's own section (which probably isn't so apparent to the reader) and each item now has its own page.

CD EDITIONS - I reduced the size of the images in this section. Larger images are available in Picasa Albums. I realized that I now had all the collectible character cards available with the TTT editions (after buying a used copy of the TTT-ILE on ebay - thanks for the heads up, Earl). So I scanned in these cards at a larger size than the previous images I found on the web.


ADDED: Guillaume Schneider's account of: Singing The Lord of the Rings : Part 1 --  Part 2 --  Part 3 --  Part 4 --  Part 5 --  Part 6

ADDED: Audio of lectures by Doug Adams (also added to Official Information section)

Luzern Lecture I: Rhythm and Percussion

Luzern Lecture II: Ethnic Instruments

Luzern Lecture III: Choral Music

Wheaton Overview

ADDED: Robbie F.'s discussion of singing/lyrics in the FOTR Live to Projection concert : What Are Those Elves Singing?

LINKS CORRECTED : Melson's Score Analysis site - Melson's site--which provides time stamps for when to hear themes in the Complete Recordings--moved... which meant the links on my site to his haven't worked for awhile. Those are all fixed now.

REMOVED : Earl's "House of Eorl" and John's "Music of the LOTR" - On each of my theme pages, I provided links to other sites that also discussed themes. Since these two sites are now gone, I have removed all my links to them (on both theme pages and in the LINKS section)

OFFICIAL INFORMATION (was Howard Shore Comments) - when I first started providing 'official information' it all came (pretty much) in the form of a comment by Howard Shore - especially since the bulk of this area was comprised of dvd extras transcripts. Over time, 'official information' became available in many different forms. So I renamed the section and revamped it to include information about more sources. I did an extensive accounting of the content and design of The Music of the LOTR Films. My review of the book is yet to come.


Arwen's Song: The complete version of this song as heard on the Rarities Archive has two additional lines not heard before.

Frodo's Song: The first information for this song (back in 2003) use the name "The Grey Havens" which is what I called it. It's now switched to Frodo's Song to bring it into alignment with The Music of the LOTR Films.

THEMES - changes unrelated to The Music of the LOTR Films:

Shire B: I had a note regarding two uses of the Shire B theme made by FarFromHome. But I've since found the original comment made by Estelwyn (which FarFromHome had mentioned) regarding these scenes. So I'm now providing the original comment (which is a bit more developed than the one I had) here: Pensive Setting of the Shire Theme -- Shire B
Thanks to N.E. Brigand for bringing this old conversation from TheOneRing.net to my attention.

Lothlórien: I supplied a link to Eli Bildirici's musings on the Lothlórien theme and the maqām hijāz.

THEMES - changes related to The Music of the LOTR Films:

New Themes: All the themes listed in "The Music of the LOTR Films" that I did not have were only heard a few times. That was not the type of music I ever intended to cover. I did add them to my indexes along with an audio sample, but for any other information, I'll refer you to Adams' book. They include:

An Elvish Pledge

Riders of Rohan

Battlefield Heroism

Drive of the Fellowship

Orc Crawl

Uruk-hai in Battle

Footsteps of Doom End-cap

Treebeard's Stride

Small Stones

Organization: The organization of themes in The Music of the LOTR Films is a little different than in the Complete Recordings liner notes. I've reorganized mine here to reflect that. Changes include:

Overall, many of the subcategories of 'thematic relationship' and 'thematic counterpoint' have been dropped. The music in those categories remain listed as themes under their culture (Elves, Shire, Rohan, Nature, etc) heading.

The cultures of Rohan and Gondor are no longer sub categories within the category, World of Men. They are now each their own category.

Éowyn is not presented as a category distinct from Rohan. Instead, her three themes are now listed in the category of Rohan.

Name Changes:

Arwen Revealed : I had originally called this theme simply, Arwen's Theme. The liner notes referred to it as Arwen Revealed as did "The Music of the LOTR Films". I've now joined the club. 

Aragorn's Theme & Strider's Theme : The music discussed previously as "Heroics of Aragorn" is now divided into these two themes. I had originally used the name, Aragorn's Theme, and (other than in the main indexes of themes) retained that name even after the release of the CRs that designated it as Heroics of Aragorn. The distinction between the two themes is fine enough that I just kept all instances of both on the same page and refer the reader to The Music of the LOTR Films for more information.

The White Rider... previously The White Rider (in the Fellowship) : The primary name dropped the parenthesis for 'in the Fellowship' but gained an alternate title - found completely inside of parenthesis - of 'Gandalf the White in the Fellowship'.

Gandalf the White... previously The White Rider (in Nature) and occasionally Gandalf the White (in Nature) : The White Rider name was dropped completely for this Nature theme, as was the parenthesis that encompassed 'in Nature'. But the theme now has an alternate title - found completely inside parenthesis - of 'Gandalf the White in Nature'.

Fellowship of the Ring : Within the CR liner notes, this name served two purposes. One was to describe a main 'culture' (similar to Shire, Elves, Nature, The One Ring, etc.). The other was to describe the predominate theme within this culture. Now the main culture retains the full name and the theme name is shortened to just 'Fellowship'. 'Fellowship' was my first name for this theme and (other than in the main indexes of themes) I retained that name on the site even after the release of the CR.

Removed: I started trying to 'explain' themes with the advent of this website in 2003. As more and more info became available, I attempted to 'keep up'. At some point, I knew that I would give over this explanation to Doug Adams. I am now refocusing on the strengths of this site to give basic info and support (with additional resources) to the published official works. On a case by case basis, that means I streamlined information by removing, from my site, what is best left to the musicologist. I won't list every case here. If you follow the score, buy the products, and participate in discussions... you won't miss anything I remove. You already have know or have access to that info. If you are merely a casual fan and have stumbled on my site and want more info... I suggest you'll really enjoy owning the Complete Recordings and/or The Music of the LOTR Films.

Other: I identified a body of music I called the Weakness of Men and I connected it to the Rivendell Theme. For the most part, that body of music (with some additional music) is now known as the Weakness & Redemption theme. I removed it from the Rivendell page and put my own thoughts about this music at the bottom of the page - labeled as 'incorrect but interesting nonetheless'.


I quoted Doug extensively from the Complete Recording liner notes. It's highly likely those same quotes are in his book but I'm not going to find them and switch the quote attributions from the liner notes to the book.

I wouldn't be me if I didn't assert my individuality in some manner. One 'theme' has two names: 'Sauron' / 'Evil of the Ring'. Although it means that I'm doing it differently than Doug, I still use Sauron as the primary name for this theme. I suspect most people reading this site get that they're the same. My apologies to anyone who doesn't. :-)



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