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FOTR Credit Music - I did an analysis of the FOTR credit music a while ago but somehow forgot to provide a link to that page from the index page for the Cue by Cues Analyses. Part of the Fan Club Scroll music for FOTR includes an alternate version of the Breaking of the Fellowship by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and I did a side by side comparison of this version to the versions heard in the credit music sections of the OST and the CR-FOTR.

Doug Adams' book: The Music of the LOTR Films: The track list for the Rarities Archive CD has been released.


HAPPY SOLSTICE! - I regret to say I do not have a greeting prepared special for this year. Perhaps some of the updates listed below can be considered a solstice gift. :-)

Doug Adams' book, The Music of the LOTR Films: The cover of the book has been revealed. Go here to read more.

Tolkien Computer Monitor Calendars: New ones available. In the Shiny Things section. Because the "More Shiny Stuff" section is not directly related to the LOTR soundtrack, I don't, as a rule, post updates for that material on this "What's New" page. You just have to check into what's there on an occasional basis if you're interested.

TTT Lyrics as Sung - print pdf: Before I got sidetracked by working on the ROTK lyrics update, I had started creating a printable version of the TTT Lyrics. That is now done and can be downloaded by right clicking on this link and saving it to your harddrive. A printable version of the FOTR Lyrics has been available for some time and can be had using this link.

ROTK LYRICS AS SUNG: The Seduction of Frodo - I was not able to hear any voices in this scene (as heard on the CR-ROTK) even though the ROTK Live choir lyrics indicate the sopranos were singing (in the concert). Tom wrote me saying he could hear voices singing. Attributing this to his having a better sound system and/or better ears, I deleted my doubting remarks and added his comment.

Dead Marshes Music: I kind of ignored this music because I needed some help sorting out exactly what was happening musically. I finally asked for that help and thanks to Ethel Duath, Elizabeth, and Annael, I've successfully updated the lyrics as sung entries for the CR and OST as well as the notes for the Source Text.


If you aren't keeping abreast of the progress of the upcoming book by Doug Adams, "The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films", be sure to catch this recent blog entry of his: Book Update May 2010

ROTK LYRICS AS SUNG - we now have the choirs' lyrics from the ROTK Live concerts. These often serve to confirm what we already supposed but it's wise to keep in mind two things. One: The concert covers the theatrical version of the movie so any singing heard during extended scenes are not included in the choirs' lyrics. Two: the lyrics are provided phonetically so it can be hard, in some circumstances, to know exactly which source text is being referenced and/or exactly which words from any text are being sung. That said, here's what's changed or new on the site:

CHANGE: Arwen's vision of Eldarion - CR & OST : These lyrics have always been problematic and with lots of conflicting information and opinions, I've chosen to go with what I thought I could best agree with and declare the issue closed - not to be revisited. I'm not sure the phonetic lyrics cleared any mystery up other than what sounds people are singing. If you wish to try to match the phonetic lyrics up to the source text, The Evening Star, have at it.

CHANGE: The life blood of the Eldar leaves Arwen - CR & OST : ditto for above. It's essentially an extension of the singing heard earlier in Arwen's vision of Eldarion.

NEW: Rohan answers Gondor's call for aid : This singing is not on either the CR or OST but was included in the ROTK Live concert. Since my lyrics info is categorized by type of CD release, I've put it on its source text page, Entmoot. (cont'd in right column - jump)

5/13/10 (cont'd from left column)


NEW: That mountain is evil : Although we'd had discussions about what was sung in this scene, I was unsure enough not to offer anything on this website. Now we know what is sung on the CR.

NEW: Traveling on the Dimholt Road - couldn't make out lyrics before this. CR only

NEW: Minas Tirith is overrun - couldn't make out lyrics before this. CR & OST

NEW: Drive them to the river! - couldn't make out lyrics before this. CR only

MINOR CHANGE: Éowyn vs. the Witch King - one syllable, speculated to be sung but confirmed now not to be, was dropped. CR only

CHANGE: The Death of Théoden - replaced old, speculated lyrics. CR only

CHANGE: On the side of the mountain - corrected lyrics for CR & OST. Fine tuned where the OST is the same or divergent from the movie.

CHANGE: For Frodo; the final battle - 2-2:35, we were very unsure of the lyrics. It turns out, we were trying to use the wrong source song. Part way through this scene, the source text switches from "For Frodo" to "The Eagles". CR only

NEW: The Moth and the Eagles Arrive - couldn't make out lyrics with high certainty before this. CR only

NEW: The Seduction of Frodo - this music was not in the theatrical release of the movies but is heard on the CR and in the ROTK Live Symphony. For more info, read the notes after the CR lyrics information.

CHANGE: The Destruction of the Ring - we tweaked a few syllables and their timing and determined that the final portion, heard on the CR but not in the movie, is from The Argument, not The Destruction of the Ring.

CHANGE: The Destruction of Barad-dûr - the choir lyrics aren't helping us a whole lot here. The phonetical syllables match some words from Don't Let Go but not all. And there doesn't seem to be a better source text to draw from. I've simply provided the syllables the choir sings and left it at that. CR only

CHANGE: The Destruction of the Black Gates - I extended a note on how the movie's lyrics differ from the CR.

ADDITION: The Eagles - choir lyrics added - CR & OST


I added an entry on the alternate version of Aníron in the CD Editions section.


Helloooo... Still here. I kind of took the holidays off and then picked up a few other projects with the new year. I decided to dip back in with a small addition to the site.

LYRICS: Enya released a new album, "The Very Best of Enya". On there is an alternate version of Aníron. It's the same tune and the first 'verse' is the same. But the next three are not. I've placed the timestamps for this version in with the CR-FOTR lyrics. The good news is, the song is available for individual download at Amazon and probably iTunes. Besides updating the website, I've also updated the pdf printable version of the lyrics from FOTR.

LINKS: I removed the button links to the House of Eorl site on the theme pages. That site was lost when Google Pages was shut down and it hasn't been put back on line.





LINKS: I added a link to an old Doug Adams podcast: FSMROTKQ&A - Nov 2007 (FilmScoreMonthly ROTK Question & Answer). I should have added it back in 2007 but I was probably busy.


FIVE BEAT PATTERN: As I sat in the FOTR Live to Projection concert at Radio City Music Hall, I noticed an instance of the Five Beat Pattern that I hadn't noticed before. Then I forgot about it. While I was working on recent updates since then, I remembered it... but couldn't remember what scene it had been in. Hmm... I thought... if I listen to the CR-FOTR, will I notice it again? Or will I get caught up in the music and not catch it? But then... my mind moved back to the task at hand (updating the Ents Instrument page) and forgot about it. But someone else had noticed it too. Days after the memory had popped into and out of my head, Gkgyver posted a question about the use of the 5 Beat Pattern at Weathertop and I realized that was the scene! I came right to my website to add this instance to the theme's page only to find it was already there. I had, apparently, noticed it long ago. And forgot. What can I say. There's a reason I write so much stuff down. So why is it making the 'What's New' page? Well, Doug added some info I thought was interesting. So I added a link to one comment within the conversational string at his blog: DA Comment


INSTRUMENTS:  finally got around to adding a page for the Ents. I had a photo of the orchestra taken by Sabsi Fronek showing the log drums used by the 21st Century Orchestra. That page also includes the marimba and sound samples of each.

HOUSE OF EORL: On my themes pages, you can find a link to Earl Carvalho's site, "House of Eorl". Earl's site was on Google Pages which is no more. I believe he's finding a new home for it. Once he does, I'll get the links working again. I'm hoping that will be soon so I'm leaving the link buttons in place for the moment but please know... they're dead, Jim.


Yep. I was at the FOTR Live concert at RCMH in NYC. Between the concert, meeting many online friends from Doug's blog and's message boards, seeing NYC for the first time (well, at least a small section of Manhattan), and getting to meet Doug and Howard (albeit it briefly)... the weekend was magical and wonderful and truly memorable. I wrote a bit of 'my thoughts' on the concert at Doug's blog and a more personal recap at TORn's message board.

TTT : UNUSED SCENES - We made a lot of early speculations about music heard in the TTT-OST that was not in the movie. Then the liner notes for the CR-TTT confirmed what a lot of that music was intended for and TheTennisBallKid created an extensive document that examined that music. But, I never properly went back to pages created before the CR-TTT (notably the TTT-OST Cue by Cues and Reconstructing the Movies pages) and updated some of that early text. A conversation with Gary Hardegree led me to realize that I had identified some music heard in "The Passage of the Marshes" as not in the movie when, in fact, it was. I also realized that I needed to restate what we knew about the unused music - changing words like 'possibly' to more definitive language. Thanks to Gary for sparking this round of information update.

Changes (some rather small) were made to the Cue by Cue and to the Reconstructing the Movies pages for the following scenes:

Gollum remembers his name : The Passage of the Marshes

Treebeard introduces himself (under some lingering fear and tension) to Merry & Pippin : Treebeard

Gollum's interrogation by Faramir's Men : Forbidden Pool

Elrond's attempt to persuade Arwen to stay : Breath of Life

Links : Some of my Links were to material so old they were of questionable usefulness. I've put them on a page called "Older Links". I can't keep up on links to interviews with Shore. However, Doug Adams is doing a good job of keeping up with current media articles on Shore and his music. If that sort of thing interests you, I suggest you follow his blog.


Magpie has lots of Shiny Things - I've always had more on my server than just the soundtrack site. Some of it is stuff readers of my site might be interested in. So now... there's an index page and a new link in the navigation frame for : MORE SHINY THINGS

CD EDITIONS - In the process of moving items from my harddrive to Picasa and in creating links here to my Picasa Web Albums, I expanded the information on the Online Content of the soundtrack CD editions. It's not earth shaking additions. But they are a little more comprehensive than they were before. I discovered that the FOTR online content had already disappeared from official view. I was able to find a few things left behind by guessing at url addresses and I found some stuff at the Wayback Machine. But it was a good lesson that all information on the web should be considered ephemeral. And, unlike an out of print book that might be found in a used book store,  once a web page/site is taken down or changed radically, there may be no record of it anymore (or only an incomplete record).



RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL or Magpie's Big Adventure - On Oct 9 and 10, 2009, the FOTR Live Symphony will be performed live to picture in NYC's Radio City Music Hall. Maestro Ludwig Wicki will conduct but Howard Shore and Doug Adams will give a pre-concert lecture. Additionally, the release of new soundtrack recordings and Doug Adams' book will take place at this event and a book release party and perhaps more festivities are being planned. It was a scary and exhilarating thought to contemplate going but it looks like I will be there. If you will be too, you can watch and Doug Adams' blog for updates on our own Long Expected Party. Members of TORn's message boards also have a thread started to coordinate meet-ups, etc. I am an active member at both sites so you can find me at either place along with lots of other wonderful soundtrack fans. See you there!

TRAILERS - I had been collecting info on the music of the trailers for a long time but never felt they belonged on this site. But, when I was motivated to organize it all, I realized html was the best way to do that. And while researching release dates, I kept running across all sorts of interesting information. The result is something much deeper than music and far beyond the score. I could see the information I present slowly growing beyond the boundaries of 'simply soundtrack'. A magpie doesn't limit her attraction to one sort of shiny thing. Check these entries out and see if they interest you at all.

STATE OF THE SITE - I guess getting a new domain name warrants an update on the State of the Site. I was able to cross off quite a few 'to do' items but there's nothing terribly new here.

Okay, people. Either no one follows the links on my site or they don't tell me when they find a broken link. I found old, defunct links to pages in the site from my very first website at an address it hasn't been at for years! Well, they're fixed now.

INSTRUMENTS - In the process of updating the information (boy, this has been on my to-do list for forever!), I pretty much revamped it. More info was available, both from the Annotated Scores and just generally on the internet. I've added a few instruments, gotten more accurate images, and added more audio samples.

I added the minor bit of info that the source text, The Prophecy, had an earlier name, The Battle of Dagorlad.

I've created a page for the FOTR Closing Credits.   (cont'd in right column - jump)

6/6/09 (cont'd from left column)

LYRICS - I've completed an update of the TT lyrics using the choral sheet music from the TT Live symphony. Thanks to Sabsi Fronek for reviewing the music and determining what timestamps needed to be corrected or amended... and to Danijel Legin for once again lending a keen ear for help in determining timestamps. Both these people have been a persistent and tremendous help in terms of determining lyrics for the soundtrack. Many fine tweaks were made but more substantial changes were made to these CR timestamps:

The Battle of the Maiar - corrections made to Neo-Khuzdûl lyrics (& OST)

Pippin tears off his Elven Brooch (not in movie) (The AS-TTT says the source text is The Missing. Phonetic lyrics suggest it may be Namárië)

Burning of the Westfold - minor corrections made to the lyrics

The Three Hunters chase the Uruk-hai - additions and correction made to the lyrics

The Dead Marshes - I hope to have an update coming

Wraiths on Wings over the Dead Marshes (tweaks made to the precise Adûnaic syllables sung)

The White Wizard revealed (definitively determined that lyrics from The Fight were used here)

Zirak Zigal: Smiting the Balrog (AS-TTT says the source text is The Fight. Phonetic lyrics confirm Sabsi's conviction that it is The Abyss.)

Shadowfax's Arrival at Fangorn - corrections made to end of this piece

Gandalf Farewells Théodred - one speculative syllable confirmed (& OST)

Let Her Go - minor change made to the lyrics

The Warg attack, pt 2 - corrections made

The Elves leave Rivendell - we didn't have lyrics for this section, partly because we were trying to make Hymn to Elbereth fit. It turns out The Grace of the Valar is used for the last part of this section. (& OST)

Galadriel talks with Elrond - some slight adjustments made to the lyrics  (& OST)

Faramir's Seduction -  minor corrections made to the lyrics (and to the same piece in the credit music) (& OST)

The Elves arrive at Helm's Deep - minor corrections made to lyrics

March of the Ents - minor corrections made to lyrics (& OST)

The White Rider arrives at Helm's Deep -  a short choral burst that had been thought to be "Sceadufæx" is probably, instead, from The Abyss.

The Ents attack Isengard - major corrections made to lyrics (& OST)


CD EDITIONS - Thanks to Kungfuyu, I was able to add scans of the ROTK and (better scans of) FOTR Collectible Character Cards. He also gave me the information I needed to finish the LOTR Motion Picture Trilogy Soundtrack page. Earl Carvalho also provided a lot of preliminary info on the Trilogy Set page. Additionally, Earl had provided me a start on some soundtrack promo discs information. I don't think I would have considered adding this on my own but I figured 'what the heck' and spent a few days digging around the net for images and information. I can guarantee you the promo disc information is not comprehensive. FOTR promo discs -- TTT promo discs -- ROTK promo discs

PICASA WEB ALBUMS - When I was working on the CD EDITIONS section, I would often find images larger than I cared to use here. In those cases, I would use a smaller one but link to the larger one. For some of the images I was finding recently, I didn't entirely trust the larger ones to be there long term. So I created some albums in my Picasa account for them. I've placed a link to pertinent albums on the pertinent pages here. But I thought I'd provide a link to my entire gallery. I, as a good and true magpie, collect lots of shiny information and images. I would pull out bits and pieces when needed but I'm making a more concerted effort to get it out on the web in a more permanent manner. At some point, I should probably have a page of links to various information I've collected that is Tolkien but non-soundtrack related.


SIMILARITIES TO OTHER MUSIC - I did some reorganizing of this information. I also:

zipped all audio clips

Wagner's Götterdämmerung & the finale of ROTK - added audio samples

added a few entries on the Misc page. One comparison by Alex Perez of the Gondor Reborn Theme and the "Middle Age Suite" by Alexander Glazunov is pretty exciting to listen to. (see last entry on the list)

1/11/09 - Happy New Year.

Unused and Alternate Music - JimJWare had prepared a number of YouTube videos that synced unused and alternate music with videos from the movies and I had them embedded on my site. Warner Brothers is having YouTube remove videos containing music from Warner Brothers releases which includes all LOTR score music. The videos are disappearing in batches so I'm removing the now useless links from my site in batches.

SMME - which stood for Shore's Musical Middle-earth - was a forum opened by four soundtrack fans who found each other on the net: Jelle Vanooteghem, Michael McLennan (Franz Conrad), Kurt Milano (Ridan), and myself. René Puls (Kianga Jaguar) also became a valued member of the staff as did many others... some still hanging around and some gone off to other pursuits. The forum was created on MSN groups and that set up was never very useable. Over time, conversation dropped off and the site became more unwieldy to access. (It did not like Firefox) I essentially closed it down some years ago as we had no meaningful conversation or traffic on it and it was frustrating for me to access as a manager. Then I got word that MSN was closing up shop altogether.

Now, as a Magpie I love to collect stuff but I'm pretty good at sorting through and discarding (or repurposing) old material that is no longer useful. Because the conversations weren't current, the majority of the threads contained information that was incomplete, out of date, and inaccurate compared to the newer material being released in various formats (CRs, Annotated Scores, etc). I could not see any reason to move this faulty information to a new set up when there were no active members. Instead, I dug through those old conversations one by one and any material I thought was worth archiving, I did so as a page on this site. None of it is so profound as to provide direct links to them here. But I created links to them in places where the conversations are relevant. It was a great time and a great group of people. Thanks for the memories, guys.

FUN - Easter is months away but more easter eggs have been added to the site. Happy Hunting.


2008 (Sept / Nov)

2008 (Jan / Sept)


A Noble End: This theme has been tricky for me since the information regarding it has been a bit sketchy. Using the musical notation provided in the CR-FOTR & CR-ROTK liner notes and the 'first heard' times stamps provided in the CR-ROTK liner notes (none were given in the CR-FOTR liner notes), I was able to identify two instances in FOTR and two in ROTK. I was less sure about music heard during Denethor's hallucination of Boromir but Laerasëa was able to get a confirmation from Doug Adams that this was considered A Noble End. And then she was able to find the corresponding music in FOTR (similar but not exactly the same). So... I added that scene... which is really not an additional scene but just an extension of a previously identified one. But I can compare music more easily by keeping descriptions of the two portions distinct so I will. Thanks to Laerasëa for helping me out with this. Changes were made to:

A Noble End theme page

TTT OST Amon Hen cue by cue page


I fixed the faulty links for the source text, Lament for Gandalf, Chorus. I hope. If you find any lingering problems with this (or any other link), please let me know. Thanks to Shaun Gunner for alerting me to the problem.


HobbitLove and OrdinaryHobbit are starting a series of discussions at TORn's forums about the the lyrics of the soundtrack.

"We would like these discussions to be about the words themselves, written for Howard Shore's score; the thoughts and feelings these words invoke, the passages from the books that these lyrics often, and, to my mind, brilliantly honor, and to discuss what may or may not have been the intent (if we can discern it) behind the words that were chosen to enhance the music and to tell the story. We are approaching Howard Shore's much loved music from a new direction - through the lyrics created for the score."

Their first discussion on, "In Dreams", pointed out a connection to the writing of J.R.R.T that had completely escaped me so I've updated the page for the source text. Go HERE to read or participate in the discussion.

11/03/08 - A Magpie's Nest website's 5th birthday!

5 years ago today A Magpie's Nest went live. It was at a different geocities address and it looked very different. But there are parts of this website that are essentially the same as what was in that website. I wanted to do a little celebration giftie and decided to expand the printable pdf of the FOTR lyrics I had started. This pdf has the master list found on this page as well as all the lyrics from the CR and OST with time stamps. You can print it out or view in a pdf reader. If you use Adobe Reader, you can find bookmarks that will let you jump to a particular song. Find the pdf HERE.

Additionally, I started a thread at where I hope people will share how Tolkien's writings and it's associated works of art have influenced or mattered in their life. If you'd like to participate, go HERE.



I was reminded by rereading my entry of Sept 25, that I wanted to update my State of the Site page. So I did.


LYRICS - Although this process was started awhile ago, it took awhile to finish an update of the FOTR lyrics using the choral sheet music from the FOTR Live symphony. Thanks to Sabsi Fronek for reviewing the music and determining timestamps what needed to be corrected or added and to Danijel Legin for once again lending a keen ear for help in determining timestamps. Both these people have been a persistent and tremendous help in terms of determining lyrics for the soundtrack. Many fine tweaks were made but more substantial changes (some awhile back) were made to:

Prologue - Battle of the Last Alliance: Sauron attacks

Ringwraith chases the Hobbits

Ringwraiths chase Arwen and Frodo

The Moth returns

Welcome to Rivendell

The Door of Moria

The long, dark of Moria


The Balrog

Galadriel's Mirror

The Gift of Elven Cloaks - I've got suggestions but nothing we're 100% sure of

Leaving Lórien - Extended Version

When necessary, corrections were made to the OST versions of the songs. Check cue by cue pages for newest versions.

Both of these people are very precise in their work and having the phonetic syllables is a great asset. For those pieces that are sung in the FOTR Live concert, I can say we are as close as we're going to get to right unless the actual sheet music (or other precise lyric resource) is officially published.

But the FOTR Live only covers the theatrical edition so, at the moment, there are still some extended edition scenes with singing that we are less sure about. For many, however, we're pretty sure.

It's become more clear to me just how hard it is to determine what's sung when we're only matching what we hear with an assortment of possible source texts. For that reason, I probably won't revisit any lyrics unless we can get the phonetic lyrics from the TTT Live and, later, the ROTK Live concerts.


SECOND: I'm trying to get this update in place before leaving on vacation. I really need to make a new 'State of the Site' address but I think it's best to wait until I can focus on it. But the most FAQ these days is: will you continue to update. The answer is YES. But only in certain areas. Check back in a few weeks for more information.

THIRD: because I'm leaving on vacation in a few days, I have only checked and rechecked things. I usually check way more than twice, though. So if you find missing images or broken/misdirected links, please let me know. I don't get annoyed... I get grateful. It's hard to proof yourself and the mistake you correct benefits every reader. And now... on to the update.

THEMES - This update is all about themes. I've gone through the CR-ROTK info to rename themes (from my name to 'official' name), add instances heard (mostly in ROTK), and tweak some comments.

Wagner and the end of ROTK. I updated the Wagner info with what we know definitively now about the homage Shore made in his ROTK finale music. I also made some observations and comments about how we all think about and discuss what is 'true' or 'right' about something. I'm reluctant to 'throw' old discussions away. I thought those concerning Wagner and ROTK/Shore were interesting enough to archive. Those are on their own page. I don't have any soundclips yet but I hope to get to them soon.

I added and reorganized links of the LINKS page. Thanks to slflew for providing some links to older interviews on various public radio programs. I can't provide you with a list of what all is new. Just browse the page.




LOTR Hardanger Fiddles... An Untold Story

I was contacted by Andrew King, son of Mr J E King, an English luthier asking if I was interesting in hearing a little more about two Hardanger Fiddles involved with the LOTR score. I was and Andrew wrote up a short account of the fiddles, Martha and Bellflower, and an impromptu concert in a car park that "charmed the homebound commuters into 'slow-step' from 'hurry home'". Go HERE to read it.

She has a blog

I thought creating a blog would allow interested readers a way to receive notification of updates to this site since you can subscribe to RSS feeds of blog updates. I post news of an update (or a forthcoming update) and you get notification in your RSS reader.

I'm not looking to hang out, chat or converse much at the blog. For the moment, I've got comments enabled (I think) but I have zero patience for spam posts so if the comments become a problem, I'll disable them. Until then, you are welcome to post a comment and I'll do my best to keep up, but for a question you wish an answer on, email is probably better. And for general chitchat and conversation, I would steer you to either's message board (specifically the LOTR movie discussion forum where most score conversations take place) or Doug Adams' blog (look for each month's ongoing discussion). I can be found at either but so can lots of other fans who can join in the conversation.

Okay, then... here's the newest update:

What's happening? Well, I have been very slowly making my way through the ROTK theme update. I actually reached a milestone today so the light at the tunnel is now showing faintly in the distance. I tend to approach large updates by sweeping through all the material doing one task... then sweeping through it all again doing the next. It's easier to focus on a smaller number of tasks, making sure each gets done, by repeating those same tasks over and over and over again.

Once the ROTK update is completed, I'll jump back into lyrics. I will be able to revisit the FOTR lyrics with new information that, I hope, will get us as close as we'll ever get to accurate 'as sung' lyrics. I suspect I'll be able to do the same with TTT and ROTK down the road.

Doug Adams' book, The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films, comes out in late fall of 2008. The only changes I would make to my site in reference to that is to remove or correct inaccurate information. I will not 'add' information to my site from Doug's book. My journey, as it relates to themes on my website, will be over with the next update. I will continue my journey as a fan in the fan communities but the website's theme work will be pretty much 'locked'. I'll probably write more about that when the update is ready to be loaded.


Source Song: Death of a King - I had attributed two lines of the English text to Tolkien's own writing but there was a latter entry that held all the lines of the English Translation. Thanks to Mikko/Incanus for pointing this out.

Source Song: The Prophecy - Mikko/Incanus was able to provide Tolkien attribution to a bit more source text in this song

LINKS - Here's another  'what's new the web' entry. This site is translating the official Annotated Scores into German. Andy writes, "This project has officially been authorized by Doug Adams and linked on this blog. Is still a work in progress."


Before I get to what's new on my site, how about what's new on the web:

Doug Adam's blog - the official “author’s blog” for the upcoming book The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films.

The House of Eorl - Earl Carvalho is doing something similar with his website to mine, but from a different approach/perspective. It definitely enriches the body of resources and information we have for the LOTR Soundtrack for him to publish this extensive site. As I update my theme pages, I'll be linking to his site more extensively in addition to the LOTR Score Analysis Project.

Jim Ware has compared the music as heard on the ROTK-OST to the CR-ROTK. Find his pdf file HERE

And of course, at the moment, most of the news regarding the upcoming films of The Hobbit in regards to soundtrack are all rumor and suggestion. But I've already been asked if (or it has been assumed) I will be covering the music of the new films. The answer is easy. No. Not even tempted. I never regretted taking on the task that developed into the website. I've met wonderful people, developed loads of new skills, and developed a relationship to the soundtracks and movies that would never have existed if I were only a casual listener. But my obsessive/compulsive tendencies drive me as much as my love of the music and I can't stop until it's done. I won't be setting myself up for another journey down that path. That quest will belong to another.

Now to what's new on the site. This has been a large and slightly chaotic update. I most likely have failed to completely document all my changes. But here's what I can tell you:

CR-ROTK - added images to the editions section

Unused and Alternate Music - new master page. There are also new videos embedded on the ROTK page and one on the FOTR page (page removed 1-09)

I've tweaked the information on these two 'master' pages

Source Songs, Poems and Text


ROTK Cue by Cues - as I get more information on the ROTK lyrics, I can either correct or add to information in the ROTK OST cue by cues. I'm not going to list all those tweaks here.

Musical Similarities - Timdalf has has updated his thinking on the Wagnerian homage at the end of ROTK.

ROTK Master Lyrics List and time stamps for singing heard on the CR-ROTK added :
Disc 1 -- Disc 2 -- Disc 3 -- Disc 4

SOURCE SONGS - updates, edits, and additions:


The Prophecy - I have a version that is not found elsewhere on the web. I've been a bit quiet about it but I've had some inquiries into why mine is different and what my thinking was on it. So, I've expanded the info on that page and created a new page with the steps Danijel Legin and I followed to reach the conclusion we did.


The Call - it was speculated that this was the source for the Death of Théoden. That is not true.

The Seduction of the Ring - a page added for ROTK. On the CR-ROTK but unused in the film

The Green Dragon - named changed (previously called Green Dragon Beer) and a comment added on a discrepancy in one word between movie's closed captions and the AS-ROTK.

Last Son - corrected some minor mistakes in the Sindarin translation

The Dimholt Road - added to the site.

The Blade That Was Broken - added to the site

The Way is Shut - added to the site

On the Fields of the Pelennor - added to the site

Death of a King - added to site

The Grace of the Valar - updated info on page slightly (mirrored in TTT section)

For Frodo - added to site

The Nazgul - incorrectly identified as being used in Ash and Smoke (On the Fields of the Pelennor is the correct Source Text)

The Grey Havens - I thought that was sung at the Grey Havens scene but I no longer believe that. It also appears to have an alternate title of 'Frodo's Song'.

2007 (Oct / Nov)

2007 (Apr / Sept)


I've added some comments on the Shire Theme by FarFromHome that I really liked. I've placed all her comments from one conversation (she's made tons of comments I love besides these) on the Shire/Hobbit Theme overview page. I've also requoted sections in other pertinent pages.



added a link to Doug Adam's podcast about the Dies Irae
added more musical similarities as observed by fans

INSIDE A SONG: A new entry from Loresilme


The Three Hunters chase the Uruk-hai : I've had to recant our previous suggestion of lyrics but can offer a portion of the correct lyrics
The Death of Boromir : progress made


The Balrog : some progress made
Zirak Zigal - Smiting of the Balrog : lyrics determined


NEW VIDEO: Added another JimJWare video (from YouTube) mixing video from the movie with unused/alternate music. This scene covers the 3 Hunters entry into Fangorn, their encounter with the White Wizard, the revealing of Gandalf the White, the recounting of Zirak Zigal, and the arrival of Shadowfax. (removed from YouTube at request of Warner Brothers)


In December of '02, I led a discussion over 6 days at of the TT Appendices material, "Music for Middle-earth". For that discussion, I created web pages (since I could format them more easily than a forum post). I've now reworked those pages a little and offer them up HERE. This appendices material now exists in three formats:

HS Comments Page: transcription in the same format as other HS Comments pages
Discussion Guide: my heavily formatted pages (6 in all) that contain

same comments as on HS Comments Page

Magpie tidbits (interesting info), comments, and conversation prompts

additional resources in the form of images, links or audio files

TORn discussion threads: these are transcripts of the actual discussions. The first post of each day's discussion is a copy of the pertinent Discussion Guide page but without all the formatting and images. The link to each section's TORn thread is in the intro box at the top of the Discussion Guide page.


Years back, I developed a theory that the Rivendell Theme contained musical elements representing both Elves and Men. As part of my work, I researched every instance of the Rivendell Theme in the movies and documented that research on a soundtrack Wiki site where it sat for years. That site is not active and, in fear of it being lost should it be taken down, I set out to reproduce that information on my site. I intended to only copy and paste but, in the end, I reworked and updated it just a bit. Thanks to Chenresi for her collaboration on this venture. The page is HERE.

I have to say, I'm still quite enamored with this theory and am secretly convinced that I will be vindicated by new information available in Doug's book. That's my fantasy, anyhow. Even if I'm not, I'll trot out my oft used comment: even if HS didn't intend it and wouldn't agree with it, I maintain he should have because it works.

Chenresi hears some similarities between the Rivendell Theme, especially its first lush version, and the Panis Angelicus. She also ties this into the my of Men theory above. Find the entry on the Similarities page.


Happy Birthday, Howard Shore. In celebration, I present the debut of a new section of the site: Howard Shore and His All Nurse Band

I'm not as old as Howard, but old enough to remember the heady days of Saturday Night Live back when it was funny. I had vague memories of the "All Nurse Band" but only vague. And I could never find images on the web (large enough) to refresh my memory. It suddenly dawned on me that, if I could figure out what episode it was, I could rent it from Netflix. And so I did. And, being a magpie, I have to 'collect'



You might notice that a feather appeared at the bottom of pages in the last update of the site. I created the feather with the intention of creating a Favicon. But I don't have the software at the moment. So I just put a larger version at the bottom of the pages.

Well, with this update, you might find an egg in place of the feather on some pages. This is a corvid egg... not an easter egg. Nonetheless, clicking on an egg one stumbles across might prove interesting.

I've created a new section examining the different soundtrack editions: Standard Jewel Case, Limited Editions, and Complete Recordings. I also looked briefly at non-official soundtrack recordings and non-movie Tolkien music.

I'm hosting a ROTK movie soundtrack analysis by Thomas Rouiller.

new link to a children's choir version of "Into the West" on youtube.

I've updated the Shire/Hobbit music.

















To pass the time while we wait for news and release of the CR-ROTK, fans have been busy combining unused music from the score (found on the CRs or the OSTs) with video from the movie. I've embedded these within the appropriate pages. I've credited each and the name is a link to their page at YouTube. (removed from YouTube at request of Warner Brothers)

The Seduction of Sméagol : The Sméagol/Déagol confrontation at the beginning of ROTK.

Music from FOTR : Gandalf contemplates the Ring, A Knife in the Dark, treachery on Amon Hen

Music from TTT : Raid on Orc Night Camp, Tracking Footsteps of Hobbits, Treebeard meets Merry & Pippin

More music from TTT : A Brace of Coneys, Faramir's Dream, Ride out to meet them.

Four more from TTT - Dead Marshes, Shadowfax's arrival at Fangorn, Arwen's Fate, Nazgul at Osgiliath, Elven Archers.


Well... I was trying hard to keep track of all the new things I've added as I worked on them over the last 5 months. But it appears I somehow deleted them. So, here's my attempt at recreating them. Just keep an eye out for updates unlooked for.

THEMES - the major focus of this update was themes. All official themes on this site now use the official name (mostly) and are organized by the official categories. Almost every theme is mentioned on this site. For any theme I didn't have previously, there's only a brief comment and a list of scenes that employ the theme. For more info, you'll have to go buy the CRs and read the liner notes. An overview of the Complete Recordings is HERE.

The Theme pages have been redesigned slightly but, more significantly, For each theme I've included a link to a zipped audio example of each theme and a link to that theme's page at the LOTR Score Analysis Project. All the themes have been updated except the Shire/Hobbit material. I left that till last and decided not to hold up the update to finish it.

I've also included image files for many of the theme pages. It help breaks up all that grey text and provides a visual clue for what you're looking at. Let me know if it's bothersome to load the pages with the images.

Instead of linking to every new theme page, I'll just have you go HERE. This should get you started.

OTHER CHANGES - The other changes are mostly cosmetic or organizational. I doubt even the most devoted reader will notice much of it. I started this site with an old, outdated web design program and a rudimentary knowledge of typing. Since then, my web design program is a little better but, more importantly, I've had some graphic design training (although no web training). Now it makes me cringe to see clumsy design but updating the content of the site has always been more important than cosmetics and learning more up to date web coding. But I treated myself to a little design fest the last few weeks.

STATE OF THE SITE - update the info on where I'm at. I got most of the stuff on my old list done. Yay! Now there's a new list.

THANKS - I'm betting I added something to the site over the last five months and then provided thanks (on the page that was lost) to the person who provided the help or information. There is almost no chance I can retrieve any of that from my brain. If you deserved thanks then please accept my best intentions and wishes here in my giving thanks. If it helps any, I have learned a hard lesson on how to handle updates in the future and hopefully this won't happen again.


UNUSED MUSIC IN TTT - TheTennisBallKid created a wonderful document detailing all the unused music associated with The Two Towers. Some of it is heard on the OST, some on the CR, and some in the closing credits. I got obsessive and mixed some of this unused music with the soundtrack (as in dialog, sound effects, etc) of the movie.

LINKS - updated links which mostly means deleting dead ones. But I did add a 'Fan Covers' section. I have collected a handful of fan covers of the music (cause I'm a magpie) and I thought some might interest you.


Added: Howard Shore's ROTK Audio Commentary. Thanks to TheTennisBallKid for his transcription. I found this comment by HS very interesting:

Peter is a great storyteller, and by allowing me to express the story in music you connect it to people in the way that music can. And I'm seeing that, and it's fascinating to me actually -- to see the reaction to it, and the knowledge of the music in the films. That people know all the moments, and they know how the music relates to every frame of the movie. I mean, they know everything about it.

uh... I think Howard's visited my site! ;^)

Added: Arwen's Song - from the Houses of Healing. Comments added that pertain to The Grace of the Valar, Sissel's Song, and Arwen's Prayer.

Updated lyrics for Sissel's Songw

TTT - Lyrics update - besides minor tweaks here and there, the following is new:

The Dead Marshes, The Road to Mordor, Entmoot - source text added

Lament for Théodred now called Funeral of Théodred - additional lines for source text now available

Aragorn now called The Grace of the Valar known as Breath of Life - additional lines for source text now available

The Mearas - additional lines for source text now available

Evenstar - previous lyrics and translations by fans replaced by official version

Death of Boromir, part 1, Lament for Gandalf chorus, The Prophecy, Revelation of the Ringwraiths - source texts were known to have been used in FOTR. Now known to have been used in TTT

I have adopted the Old English spelling used in the AS-TTT. That means ð has become th, for example

added a Closing Credits page. There is music in the closing credits that's not on the OST or CR or, sometimes, in the movie itself. This music needs to be addressed and I decided to just create a page for the closing credits. For TTT it includes the regular, theatrical credits and the extended edition Fan Club credits. FOTR does not have a comparable page but I intend to create one. ROTK has one for the Fan Credits only. I will probably redo that to mimic the TT page when I do the lyrics update for ROTK. (after the CR -ROTK is released)


2006  (June / Sept)

2006  (Feb / June)


Major update... please let me know if there are any broken links.

New Look: In an attempt to make a minor formatting tweak, I kind of blew up my site - that is, my harddrive copy. Luckily, I had done a very recent upload onto my server so I just downloaded all those pages to use. Meanwhile, I used it as an opportunity to change how a few things look. The light background and lighter text (no bold) are the biggest changes. You probably won't notice the others.

New Navigation Tree: I originally used a collapsible outline style to create a navigation tree. In Internet Explorer, only the main headings of outline level were visible until one clicked on them. Then all the items in the list within that heading became visible. This did not work in Firefox, my current browser. Without the collapsible feature, the list was getting really, really long. I decided to go against my nature and provide a bare bones, sparse navigation list of links. For a more detailed one, go to the site map, which has been radically redone. And feel free to let me know if you like the new navigation system or hate it. I kept the old one 'just in case'. (April, 2007: gone now...)

New Content:

I've completely redone the Shire/Hobbit Thematic material.

Hobbit Pizzicato - now called Hobbit Two Step

Shire A Ostinato - now Hobbit Outline Figure

Shire B+ - now A Hobbit's Understanding

Added: Hobbit Skip Beat and Hobbit End Cap

Added: soundclips for the Hobbit Accompaniments, the Pensive Setting and the Hymn Setting.

I've removed the Wisdom of Gandalf Theme page. I think this material was a combination of the Hymn chords for the Shire Theme and other music. The Hymn chords belonged with the Hymn Setting of the Shire/Hobbit Theme. The other material was not discussed in the CR-FOTR so either it will be later, or it isn't being given any official attention. If it gets addressed later, I'll resurrect the page. If not, I'm willing to let it go.

I've gone ahead and made room for the Complete Recording information on all Source Song pages. At the top, under the title of the song, one can find the area, "Featured In". In the left column, are the instances found on the Original Soundtrack or the Special Edition Soundtrack. In the right column, are the instances found in the Complete Recordings. In the case of TTT and ROTK, this column is either blank, or details the scene as found on the DVD.

It is possible that some updates I made in the few weeks between my last upload and the kabloom event were lost. Let me know if you find anything that looks wrong. I've also changed a small amount of content like changing a few of my theme names to match the official theme names. Since those changes are fairly minor and they took place in the midst of a week long reformatting binge, I haven't kept track of them and can't document them here. Sometimes... finished is better than perfect.

I've added a page: Inside a Song. Go read it to find out more.

I've updated information of the choirs and vocal artists of the soundtrack. Information on the instrumental artists and symphonies can be found in the Instruments page.


Using information from the Annotated Score for the Complete Recordings of the Fellowship of the Ring, I've updated the Instruments of the LOTR Soundtrack page. Mostly I just added instruments, more specific information about where things are heard, and artist info. But in one case, I had to make a correction: a musette can refer to a small bag pipe (which is what I said it did here) but it also refers to small accordion. It's the accordion instrument that was used in the score.


You might note a change in my contact email address. It's now a.magpies.nest (at) gmail (dot) com

I am no longer a student. I'm now just an unemployed shlub looking for work. Since looking for work is a full time job in itself, this doesn't mean more time for me. I'm trying to peck away at this site but, in all honesty, much of the work that could be done will take more effort and time than I may ever be able to give. I have quite a few people expressing interest in contributing work but so far, nothing has materialized. Although I hope to update the site with each new Complete Recordings sets, those updates are really pretty minimal. Hopefully I can keep up with tweaks, corrections and minimal updates. More than that will have to come from other fans. If you're doing something you'd like me to link to, let me know. If you need a site to park your LOTR soundtrack work, we can negotiate.

I've updated the LINKS page. A few links had gone dead (one is showing as not available but I'm going to leave it for the moment hoping that it's just a temporary problem). If you find an article or interview you like, I suggest you save it. We take for granted that information we find will be available for ever and it just isn't.

Thanks to Timothy for his proofreading. Some minor corrections were made on various pages.

Bregalad's Song & The Song of the Entwives - excerpts from each of these were sung/recited by Treebeard in a TTT Extended scene. Radu Bogdan questioned why I hadn't included them. In my mind, there weren't properly sung... what with having no melody or such. But I can see including them so I have. Thanks to Turesse for transcribing the excerpts.

The Call - TheTennisBallKid believes the singing heard as the Rohirrim battle the Mumakil is from The Call. I can't hear well enough to agree or disagree but I'll put it here for now.

The Prophecy - the prologue music from the regular issue FOTR cd was thought not have appeared in the movie at all. In fact, a very short phrase was heard in the prologue (and on the CR-FOTR) as we see the Misty Mountain and Galadriel tells that Gollum took the Ring there. Thanks to TheTennisBallKid

Zirak Zigal (from TTT EE Fan Credits) - added lyrics (from The Fight) and timestamps. Thanks to Michael and TheTennisBallKid.


Death of Théoden - added lyrics (from The Call) and timestamps. Thanks to TheTennisBallKid.

The Leave Taking - added lyrics (from Hymn to Elbereth) and timestamps. Thanks to Turesse.

Burning of the Westfold - added lyrics (from The Missing) and timestamps. Thanks to TheTennisBallKid.

Added a pronunciation guide for Old English, the language use for the Rohirric lyrics. This information was gleaned from the University of Calgary's Old English site as constructed by Murray McGillivray.



Added timestamps for the martial version of the Lothlórien Theme used at Helm's Deep.

Éowyn's Fight with the Witch King - lyrics from Angmar - thanks to Incanus for determining the time stamps for this singing.


I've gotten the first step in updating theme information completed. To get more information on that, follow the link above. I would appreciate hearing about any broken links.

I think most of the FOTR lyric work that's going to get done is done. The remaining uncertainties are posted at the forum. There has been mild interest in getting going on TTT and ROTK lyrics, but I think most of the lyrics cadre is as busy as I am and there isn't much activity of late.

Thanks to TheTennisBallKid for helping me place some music from the beginning of The Forbidden Pool that I had labeled as unused. He also has some new thoughts on music I labeled Haradrim Motif.


Sabsi has provided more time stamps for the Ringwraith Theme's singing: The scenes in the Prologue and while the Ringwraiths chase Arwen and Frodo.

Isildur's Account of the Ring - Incanus provided the information that these lyrics were from the Seduction of the Ring even though the melody is not the Seduction Theme. Apparently the information was verified by Doug Adams and I can easily agree by listening. Thanks to Mikko Ojala, 'Incanus'.


The forum is slow, but I didn't expect any different. I've created a thread for every song for which I can't determine time stamps. Links to those threads are with their respective entry (see links below for Discs 1, 2, and 3) or go HERE.

I have completed some lyric work regarding the Complete Recordings of the FOTR (CR-FOTR). Thanks to Gwen, Sabsi, Aty, Tyrhael and Turesse for their help.

A Master List of all songs sung in the FOTR

Time Stamps (as far as we know) for all songs sung in the FOTR

Disc 1

Disc 2

Disc 3


Jeff Barnes sent me information about my Musical Similarities page. There, I had noted the similarity between the Shire Theme and the hymn, This is My Father's World. Jeff suggested an even closer similarity with the hymn, How Can We Name a Love. Even though both hymns use the same tune, How Can We Name a Love is numbered 111 (Eleventy-one) in the Methodist Hymnal. Pretty cool, hun?

With the help of my Lyrics Ladies, I'm making slow progress on compiling a list of all the songs in the FOTR with time stamps for the iterations heard in the Complete Recordings of the FOTR. Look for that update soon.


I found myself talking by email to three different people who are helping is small to big ways with lyric time stamps--Gwen Lloyd, Sabsi Fronek and Angela "Aty" Ferreira. It started to get confusing so I opened a forum to provide a place for group conversations. For the moment, it's a minimalist as it can get. There's a section for "Lyrics"... boards for FOTR, TTT and ROTK... and six threads in the FOTR board. I don't know that there's a need for much more -- only a few people are actively helping with lyrics and I don't know if there's any interest in other discussions. And I don't have a lot of time to fuss with it. But if you'd like to check it out, go HERE. Email me if you have any suggestions for other uses besides discussing lyrics. At the moment, you don't even have to register to post but that could change quickly if I get trolls. I belong to and co-moderate the forum SMME: Shore's Musical Middle-earth. That forum, at MSN groups, has a cumbersome format and is mostly dead. And I thought having a place to focus on the specifics of my website might be useful, even if in a very minimal way. But I don't wish to actively compete with SMME and would encourage any of you to check out that forum as well.

Gwen Lloyd was determined to figure out the lyrics to the final song heard during the ROTK DVD EE Fan Credits--so determined that she emailed David Salo. It was a productive tactic. We now have the lyrics for Bilbo's Song. Thanks to Ms Lloyd and Mr. Salo.

I finished reconstructing the ROTK movie from the soundtrack CD. Go HERE.

Running across an old note in my 'to do' list, I was reminded that Ainu Laire had cracked the Nazgûl lyrics in ROTK, Track 13, The Fields of the Pelennor. I don't think I ever properly attributed her and I'm really sorry for that oversight. I've added her name to the Nazgûl Source Song page, and to my list of thanks on the main Source Song page.

Although I was using Danijel's analysis of the lyrics in Foundations of Stone, I had transcribed them incorrectly on my site. (I had Nurunna Nárendur). Thanks to Sam for pointing this out.

ARTISTS/CHOIRS: I've updated my information just a little on the voices of the soundtrack. You can find that information HERE.

LYRICS: I've updated lyrics using information found in the FOTR Annotated Score. The accounting of that update was large enough that it earned its own page. Go HERE to read more.

THEMES: I haven't been able to do any work on themes, whether it be completing the ROTK movie or reading and integrating Doug Adam's work from the Complete Recordings - FOTR. Go HERE to read more about a theme update..


2005  (Aug / Dec)

2005  (Feb / July)


I now have the lyrics for the end of "Flight to the Ford". It turns out they are the same words that Arwen is speaking in that scene. Thanks to Sabsi Fronek who sent me the lyrics and time stamps for the CD version, and Lisa Graves who helped me figure out the extra line in the movie version.

ROTK - Green Dragon Beer - SOURCE SONG ADDED

Diegetic Music from ROTK added


"What's New" is not anything on my site. It's the complete recordings of the FOTR released yesterday. I haven't had much time to listen, nor time to read Doug Adam's booklet but I've opened up the pdf file found on the official soundtrack website and found.... THE LYRICS. I have no idea how long it will be before I can integrate anything from this wealth of material into my website. I will not be writing any analysis on the complete recordings but I will make an attempt to reconcile my theme names with Doug Adams theme names. Since the lyrics are available on the web, I will most likely try to put them on my site as well (unless I hear differently from any particular set of lawyers first). But none of that will happen soon. If you have only a passing interest in the soundtrack, then $60 is probably a little pricey. But if you want more info... then either buying this, or waiting for Doug Adams' book to be published, is something you should consider.


10/30/05 - Now that I've reached a milestone of sorts, read my State of the Site Address.

ROTK Track 18 - The Grey Havens - cue by cue added. Another (but shorter) personal note made at the end.

ROTK Track 19 - Into the West - cue by cue added.

I added information about music heard under the Shire A Theme. This music is occasionally heard by itself as well so I thought it deserved some attention. Go HERE to read more about the Shire A Ostinato.


I stumbled across another web site of soundtrack analysis. The webmaster, Eric Rawlins, has been working independently of the group I hang with. It is reassuring to see how often we agree and refreshing to see a new approach. AND... he has thematic sound clips. Go HERE to find his site.


Georg/gkgyver - has written an analysis of the Shire music based on orchestration rather than melody. It was originally posted at SMME but he's consented to have me host his essay on my site as well.


I have made some personal comments at the end of the cue by cue for Track 17, The Return of the King regarding 'endings'. If you like to jump to those comments, go HERE.

Although I don't list them here, every time a theme is identified in a new cue by cue, the information on that theme's page is also updated. So, for example, new scenes are listed for the themes: Fellowship, Gondor, Gondor B, Aragorn, Arwen, Shire A, Shire B, Hobbit A (Hobbiton), Hobbit pizzicato and Fragrance of Ithilien... as Track 17, The Return of the King is added.

The Fragrance of Ithilien - a sweet melody heard twice in ROTK - placed on small motifs page

Aragorn's Theme - Gondor B phrase - added a few notes

Put the "Heartbeat of the Shire" on the small motifs page. I had previously made mention of it on the bodhrán section of instruments.

ROTK Track 16 - The End of All Things - cue by cue added (it was added awhile ago, but I forgot to indicate it here.)

ROTK Track 17 - The Return of the King - cue by cue added


Hirgon has some new clips up on his site. One is the Mumakil music from the ROTK EE Fan Credits. I had mistakenly identified this as Legolas vs. Mumakil but Hirgon has confirmed that it's actually Éowyn vs. Mumakil although the pieces for both scenes are similar. Thanks for his confirmation on that.

8/15/05 - What a difference a few days make. I just got an internship and my homework is ramping up. I predict I will find it difficult to work on many extracurricular projects for awhile. *sigh of resignation* I had hoped to put my current work to bed in an orderly fashion but after a whirlwind weekend, I've already forgotten what I was working on. Hopefully I haven't left any strings hanging. If you find something that looks like an uncompleted thought, let me know.

I've added a new type of page, one that deals with the music in the Fan Credits for the movies. I had too much to say about a piece heard in the ROTK Fan Credits and had no where else to put my comments. Right now, there's only a page for ROTK, but it'll be easy enough to add the others.

A song sung by Sissel in the ROTK Fan Credits could be entitled "A Shadow Lies Between Us". I'm not sure, but if you're curious about "A Shadow Lies Between Us", check out what I've dug up. (On second thought, Liv's song was heard during the body of the movie and Sissel's wasn't. Why would they credit Sissel's but not Liv's... and not another choral piece from the Fan Credits, "Bilbo's Song"?)

I've identified a song heard in the ROTK Fan Credits as Bilbo's Song, but other than the title and some speculation about what scene it might have been intended for, there's no other information.

I discovered another musical similarity to LOTR soundtrack music. It's found in Blue Man Group's tribute to 9-11, Exhibit 13.

8/12/05 - Summer homework is proving lighter than expected. I'm getting small dribs and drabs done.

If you see my note below, dated 2/4/05, you'll know that when I switched my browser to Firefox, I realized the formatting was messed up. Being a fledgling designer, this has vexed me to no end. Every once in a while I'll try something to fix it but usually make myself move on to other, higher priority tasks. I tried again today, and after a couple of methods that worked (and required me to write down 5 steps I would have to do to change every page on this website), I realized: "Or... I could do ____" with ____ being basically 'one' step. I've lost count of how many pages I have... how many I would have to update. But - small victories. The new Prophecy pages (keep reading a few bullet points) and this page have the new formatting. Ahhh, the quest for perfection inches forward.

I managed to bring a few pages up to date (to reflect recent uploads) and correct more than a few mistakes (due to hurried uploads). Thanks to Timdalf for sending me a great list to work from. He didn't feel his contribution warranted thanks, but lately, I like thanking everyone. It serves two purposes. First, I like spreading a professional level of attribution and everyday graciousness around the web - sometimes, those two things are sorely lacking. Second, I want to acknowledge and I want you all to understand that we all build from each other's contributions. Life isn't a competition. If I were working in a vacuum I would never have been able to put forth this website. So, no matter what one contributes, it has value. :-)

FOTR Track 1 - The Prophecy & Source Song - The Prophecy - In a wonderful feat of collaboration, Danijel Legin and I were able to figure out why we could never quite reconcile time stamps for the lyrics we all thought were heard from 0:36 - 1:12. Those were not the correct lyrics. The actual lyrics can be extrapolated from the English version of the poem as published in sheet music. Working with Danijel and arriving at this 'aha' moment proved to be one of the more enjoyable moments in my soundtrack work. If you've stayed awake nights vexed by this puzzle, go see what we've deduced.

ROTK Track 15 - The Black Gate Opens - there was some music I thought wasn't used in the movie but it was used in a later scene. I've added that to the cue by cue. There is a link on that page to a comment made on the cue by cue for "The End of All Things" but "The End of All Things" isn't up yet so it will be a dead link for a while.


7/7/05 - Two weeks off from school and I managed to get a little done. It seems to be harder as the site grows. For every new page I must add information to numerous other pages. Then I must remember to upload them. I hope I've gotten everything up that I managed to finish. Now I think I'll take the last weekend of vacation to read and laze around. Ta, everyone.

I started reconstructing the ROTK movie from the soundtrack much like I did for TTT.

Added a new theme: Theme for the West, also referred to as the Grey Havens Theme.

Corrected information on the Source Poem: The Argument. It is not used on the track, The Fields of the Pelennor.

Added a new 'small motif'... the Morgul Host Motif (now known as Witch King/Orcs of Mordor)

Made a minor correction to the lyrics of "In Dreams". I had used the liner notes for my transcription and it's clear that what's sung is not what's written there. Thanks to Kelsey Green for pointing that out.

Added a few instances of Faramir's Theme.

New ROTK Cue by Cues

ROTK Track 9 - Cirith Ungol - CUE BY CUE ADDED

ROTK Track 10 - Andúril - CUE BY CUE ADDED

ROTK Track 11 - Shelob's Lair - CUE BY CUE ADDED

ROTK Track 12 - Ash and Smoke - CUE BY CUE ADDED

ROTK Track 13 - The Fields of the Pelennor - CUE BY CUE ADDED

ROTK Track 14 - Hope Fails - CUE BY CUE ADDED (Thanks to Kurt for his help here)

ROTK Track 15 - The Black Gate Opens - CUE BY CUE ADDED


School break is almost here. Although I only have two weeks off, I hope to get something new up. Today, I'm just commenting that I apparently didn't have the motif, "The Wisdom of Gandalf" in my navigation frame. It was difficult to decide where to put it so I put it in a couple of places. If you haven't stumbled across it yet and would like to read more, go here. (removed from site 9/2006)

While I'm putzing, I'm adding a comment that theharmonyguy made about the Nature Theme. It wasn't new information, but it was well stated and I thought it improved on my attempt to describe one of the Nature Theme variants. Another great contribution to the scholarship of the themes.


Many thanks to Georg Kröner (gkgyver) who has sent me quite a bit of information on the soundtrack. I haven't had enough free time to deal with most of it, but I was able to make some corrections to my ROTK cue by cue. There were sections of music to which I couldn't put a scene and he was able to help me out. You can find his contributions in

Hope and Memory

Minas Tirith

The White Tree

I've added a new page, complete with audio samples, comparing music heard in the LOTR soundtracks with other traditional and classical pieces. There's quite a few people to thank and I hope I included them all on the page.


Most of you browsing this site are using Internet Explorer. Due to security issues, I have changed my personal browser from Internet Explorer to Mozilla's Firefox. Sadly, the site does not view the same in Firefox as in Internet Explorer. There are a few things I could do to tidy up the change in appearance, but I can't justify putzing over aesthetics when the content isn't finished. Those of us with Firefox will just have to overlook it, I guess.

ROTK - Track 9 - Cirith Ungol - CUE BY CUE ADDED

Changed my thinking about the two Journey Themes. I once agreed with Michael that one could be a Fellowship Journey Theme and the other a Hobbit Journey Theme. I no longer ascribe 'Fellowship' or 'Hobbit' to either but think one (the Journey B Theme) is associated with heights and/or climbing. (now know as Dangerous Passes)

1/1-9/05 - I had a right flurry of updating going on the last few weeks. But now I'm moving on to other things. I won't get a break from school for quite a while so I don't know when the next update will occur. Happy New Year.

ROTK - added timestamps for Sissel's singing of the song "Aragorn" in the ROTK EE Fan Credits

ROTK - The Destruction of the Ring - SOURCE SONG ADDED



ROTK - The Mountain of Fire - SOURCE SONG ADDED


ROTK - Track 7 - The Ride of the Rohirrim - CUE BY CUE ADDED

ROTK - Track 8 - Twilight and Shadow - CUE BY CUE ADDED



2004  (Aug / Dec)

2004  (August)


ROTK - Track 1 - A Storm is Coming - CUE BY CUE ADDED

ROTK - Track 2 - Hope and Memory - CUE BY CUE ADDED

ROTK - Track 3 - Minas Tirith - CUE BY CUE ADDED

ROTK - Track 4 - The White Tree - CUE BY CUE ADDED

ROTK - Track 5 - The Steward of Gondor - CUE BY CUE ADDED

ROTK - Track 6 - Minas Morgul - CUE BY CUE ADDED

ROTK - The Retreat from Osgiliath - SOURCE POEM ADDED








THEMES 5/4 Rhythm -SOUND CLIP ADDED - troll drummers

THEMES Silver Trumpets Theme SOUND CLIP ADDED - Boromir in Lothlórien.

THEMES Hobbit Themes - SOUND CLIP ADDED - fishing and gardening music comparison (Déagol-Sméagol/Maggot's cornfield)


THEMES - as I work through the ROTK cue by cues, I am also slowly adding scenes on the themes pages. I would not consider these done and final till I not only finish all the cue by cues... but also go through the movie scene by scene. That's a long ways off.


I added two soundclips for the 5/4 Rhythm. Thanks to René Puls for these.


Added some pictures of unusual instruments.

Corrected the time stamps for the arrival of Shadowfax at Helm's Deep in TTT Track 16, Forth Eorlingas. I hadn't provided all the syllables for the choir part. They continue on into the White Rider Theme which is heard after Shadowfax's arrival.


Corrected the lyrics from The King sung on TTT Track 9, The White Rider.

Almost every time I look at a page, I find a mistake I must correct. Many are just spelling or grammar mistakes, but some are minor content mistakes. I'll only list significant corrections here, but please be aware that small tweaks are happening all over the site.


Updated the lyrics of Snow White


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This is the debut of my new and improved website format.

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