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  Lyric Time Stamps Disc One



Disc One

(track number to the left)


The Battle of the Maiar


Lost in Emyn Muil

5 Pippin tears off his Elven Brooch
6 Burning of the Westfold
7 The Three Hunters chase the Uruk-hai
11 The Dead Marshes
12 "Wraiths on Wings" over the Dead Marshes
13 The White Wizard's reveal


Zirak Zigal


The Ents Will Wake Up


Shadowfax's Arrival at Fangorn

Disc Two

(track number to the left)


Thoden's Exorcism


Thodred's Funeral Procession


Lament For Thodred


Gandalf Farewells Thodred


This Is a Dream / Evenstar


Let Her Go


The Warg attack

9 owyn receives the news of Aragorn's fall


Aragorn's revival on the shore


The Elves leave Rivendell


Galadriel talks with Elrond


Faramir's memories of Boromir


Faramir's Seduction

Disc Three

(track number to the left)


An Entmoot is Called


Thoden suits up for battle


 The Elves arrive at Helm's Deep


Lament for Haldir


March of the Ents


Ride out with me


The White Rider arrives at Helm's Deep


The Ents attack Isengard


Gollum's Song
14 Seduction Theme
14 The Leave Taking
14 Evenstar
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Scene: The Battle of the Maiar +

CR-TTT Track: Glamdring; 1-1

Source Text: The Fight [2:32 & 3:32 - 3:49] & The Abyss [2:35 - 3:31]


[2:32] Mettanna.

[2:35 - 2:40] Choir II: Katabrikihu tanakhi uduhu bin-nt aznn  
[2:40 - 2:43] Choir II: Tarsisi Bazar udu agn-furkhn  
[2:43 - 2:45] Choir II: Ma satf unkhai! At(kt) Za(tag)ra(fi)zu  
[2:45 - 2:59] Choir I: Irkat-lukhud ka(tabrikihu ul)fat atam ma ta(nakhi)  (silmiltaneously with Choir II)
[2:45 - 2:59] Choir II: (Za)tab(lu)gi sulluzu irkat (lu)khud ka(tab)ri(ki)hu Ulfat-ata  
    Ma tanakhi uduhu bin-nt az(nn) tarsi(si) (Ba)zar (u)du  
    agn-furkhn Gurd! Ma satf unkhai! Atkt za(tagrafizu)  
[2:59 - 3:02] All: (Za)tagrafizu Zatablugi sulluzu Irkat-(lu)khud ma  
[3:02 - 3:06] All: Katabrikihu Ul(fat)-atam ma tanakhi uduhu  
[3:06 - 3:08] All: bin-nt aznn tar(sisi)  
[3:08 - 3:25] Choir I: (ta)nakhi uduhu bin-nt aznn tarsi(si) Bazar  
[3:25 - 3:31]   agn-fur(khn) ma Gurd! Ma  (silmiltaneously with Choir II)
[3:08 - 3:31] Choir II: (Tar)sisi Bazar udu agn-furkhn Gurd!  
    Ma nd sakhu! Ma satf unkhai! Atkt zatagrafizu  
    Zatablugi sulluzu Irkat-lu(khud) ma (ka)tabrikihu  
    Ulfat-atam ma tanakhi u(duhu) Ma satf unkhai! Atkt  
    (Za)tag(ra)fizu Zata(b)lugi sulluzu Zata(blugi) sulluzu  

[3:32] Mettanna.
[3:34] Nrendur
[3:36] An
[3:37] mauya
[3:38] mahtie
[3:41] Mettana.


syllables in parenthesis not sung

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Scene: Lost in Emyn Muil, this music was not in the movie -

CR-TTT Track: Lost in Emyn Muil; 1-3

Source Text: The Road to Mordor

[1:26] l (i)
[1:29] cae-
[1:32] da
[1:38] na
[1:42] nf (Ta)
[1:46] i
[1:48] pel-
[1:50] len
[1:55] pel-
[1:58] len
[2:01] anor
(or just 'a...' not sure)


The voices are very soft and it is difficult to discern the exact words/syllables being sung. We think we have it close, if not 100% correct.

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Scene: Pippin tears off his Elven Brooch +

CR-TTT Track: Uglks Warriors; 1-5

Source Text: Namri


(phonetic lyrics)

[1:26] EE 

[1:29] VAHN

[1:32] ROH


Although the same basic melody is in the movie, the singing is not. It matches with the music heard as Pippin is tearing at his brooch and spits it on the ground until the Uruk foot steps on it and the scene switches to our first glimpse of the Three Hunters.

If one considers that the syllables are chopped up, there are two possible sources within Namari that the phonetic syllables might represent.

Sabsi suggested: (S) van(wa n) R(mello) - probably because it is all from one line

Magpie suggested: (Yn)i (ve lint yuldar a)vn(ier mi o)ro{mardi) - only because these lines were used in FOTR and phonetic syllables would already be available when the TT score was being prepared. The line Sabsi suggested was not used elsewhere. I do understand that this is all rather unimportant in the larger scheme of things.

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Scene: Burning of the Westfold +

CR-TTT Track: The Three Hunters; 1-6

Source Text: The Missing


[4:42] And

[4:45] on

[4:48] th

[4:51] re

[4:54] hw-

[4:57] le

[4:59] h

[5:01] o

[5:03] th

[5:06] lo-
[5:09] sin-
[5:12] ga
[5:16] ealra
[5:19] thin-
[5:21] ga
[5:24] the
[5:25] h-
[5:26] o
[5:28] for-
[5:29] l-
[5:30] as

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Scene: The Three Hunters chase the Uruk-hai +

CR-TTT Track: The Banishment of omer; 1-7

Source Text: Namri


[3:06] Mel

[3:07] lo

[3:10] va n

[3:13] li-

[3:15] mar

[3:16] nama

[3:18] ri

[3:20] Nai

[3:22] hi

[3:24] ru

[3:27] mel

[3:29] lo

[3:30] van

[3:32] m

[3:33] li

[3:35] mar

[3:37] Nai

[3:39] el

[3:40] y


These lyrics are the perfect cautionary tale. I had two lyrics helpers who agreed (with the exception of a few syllables) on the lyrics for this piece. I had a third who made a suggestion from a completely different source text (even though we knew it was from Namari). Then, one noticed that the liner notes of the CR-TTT showed lyrics in some musical notation. The notation was for this piece and the lyrics, although from Namari, were nothing like we had. We can only assume we were wrong. Dead wrong. In our defense, this piece is completely chopped up. But it also goes to show that we can make ourselves hear what isn't there.

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Scene: The Dead Marshes  +

CR-TTT Track: The Dead Marshes; 1-11

Source Text: The Dead Marshes


The AS-TTT says this about the vocals in this track:

Apparitional portamentos, guide the composition down a more ghoulish road. Lyric soprano Isabel Bayrakdarian, coupled with violins, slowly bends pitches upward as the bodies of dead Men, Elves and Orcs that litter the swamp water peer back at the living with blank faces.

The veil of aleatoric strings and timpani again lowers and Frodo is bewitched. He falls into the murky waters where hes wrapped in a smear of Schnbergesque Sprechstimme voices, half singing, half speaking the text The Dead Marshes.

(Doug Adams)

There are some differences between this music as heard in the movie, the OST and the CR. To make it easier to discuss, I've broken it into three sections.


The Portamentos:

The CR and the movie have three portamentos (1:55-2:45), the OST only one (0:36-45) which corresponds with the last portamento on the CR. The first is heard as Sam glimpses a dead thing in the water. The second comes after he brings this to the others' attention and Frodo sees more dead things for himself. The third comes after Gollum gives warning about following the lights and we see even more dead things. This last portamento on the CR is a little longer than on the OST.

The three syllables being sung on the CR-TTT by the sopranos (choir and solo):


[1:55] n-

[2:07] gryth

[2:37] si


Frantic strings:

A frantic run of high strings starts as Frodo walks toward the water and becomes mesmerized by a dead Elf laying there. The notes of the choir and strings increase in pitch that is longer in the movie and on the CR (2:49-3:11) than on the OST (0:48-1:04). This section ends as the dead Elf opens his eyes and Frodo falls into the water.

The sopranos (and possibly the soloist) are singing, "ngyrth s -los(tar)". Each vocalist is singing the same ascending notes in each bar but at their own speed so as to create a aleatoric and slightly dissonant sound.


[2:49] n

[2:52] gyrth

[2:55] s

[3:01] -

[3:04] los (till 3:11)


Bombastic brass:

Some of this music is not used in this movie but it is the same on the CR (3:11-3:43) as on the OST (1:04-1:35). Starting at 3:11 on the CR (The Dead Marshes) and 1:05 on the OST (The Passage of the Marshes) the sound in the movie becomes muted, as if under water, even before Frodo falls into the water. The muttered voices on the soundtrack would correspond with the bodies under the water that are  swimming toward Frodo. The final burst of noise (CR: 3:43 -- OST: 1:35) when the voices stop kind of correspond with Gollum pulling Frodo out of the water.

The Sprechstimme voices start at 3:14 (CR) / 1:07 (OST) and last until 3:43 (CR) / 1:35 (OST) and perhaps into that final burst of noise just after that. The choir is directed to either murmur or whisper randomly the following words:


ngyrth s -lostar

-chiriar dh

Hiriar harch ring a nd

Tano i ner

Io na ndagor veleg

Na dr ben-galu, na naeth arvethed

Mn galad a chuil ban.

Mn sarch a ngurth ban.

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Scene: "Wraiths on Wings" over the Dead Marshes +

CR-TTT Track: Wraiths on Wings; 1-12

Source Text: The Revelation of the Ringwraiths


[0:49] N...
[0:53] b...
[0:58] bi.... (tham) > Till 1:03.
[1:11] Tham Ma-
[1:14] gna-
[1:15] n.
[1:17] Ntab-.
[1:19] dam d-...
[1:22] ur- ad

[1:24] N-

[1:36] pm

[1:37] nd

[1:38] ab-

[1:39] -

[1:42] rat a-

[1:44] glar -
[1:47] kham [fading > till about 1:53]

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Scene: The White Wizard's reveal +

CR-TTT Track: Gandalf the White, 1-13

Source Text: The Call, The Fight



Choir I

Choir II


Hwr cwm helm Hwr cwm byr



Hwr cwm feax flwende



Hwr cwm helm Hwr cwm byr



Hwr cwm feax flwende



Hwr cwm hand on hearpe



strenge Hwr cwm scnende



Hwr cwm hand on hearpe



strenge Hwr cwm scnende



The beginning of the singing is mixed with the end of the preceding music. The Complete Recordings cue is a little shorter than the movie cue.

Each syllable in the lines for Choir I is one beat of a triplet. Choir II sings its syllable at the beginning of the phrase and sustains it throughout.

This music is actually a 'theme'... Gandalf the White Theme. There is more detailed information re: the music and the lyrics on that page.

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Scene: Zirak Zigal - Smiting the Balrog +

CR-TTT Track: Gandalf the White; 1-13

Source Text: The Abyss


[2:45] Ir-

[2:47] kat

[2:48] lu

[2:51] hu

[?:??] ki (is in the phonetic lyrics bu Sabsi cant hear it)


This cue was scored (but unused) for Gandalf's fight with the Balrog and occurs when lightning strikes Glamdring and Gandalf's plunges it into the Balrog's chest.

Sabsi wrote: According to the AS, the source song is The Fight, but I dont think so. I always heard irkat-lu(kud) and the lyrics would fit, so Im sticking to that..

Magpie wrote: If a magpie eats crow is it cannabilism? Because, after all my cautions about trying to force lyrics to make sense and convincing ourselves that we can 'hear' certain lyrics when we want to... I was the one that was arguing with Sabsi about what these were.

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Scene: The Ents Will Wake Up -

CR-TTT Track: Gandalf The White; A-13

Source Text: The Mearas


[5:15] Hie hine (swon) feorran.
[5:22] And hwte
[5:25] sun (nan in mane).
[5:27] (He lange hine) clipodon.
[5:33] Ac
words in parenthesis have been left out


Although this scene has nothing to do with Shadowfax, lyrics from The Mearas were apparently used because it was close to Shadowfax's entrance. In the CR, these two scenes (The Ents Will Wake Up and Shadowfax's Entrance) follow one after the other. But in the TTT-EE movie, there is 26 seconds between the two pieces. I have it on good authority, however, that the lyrics are from The Mearas so I will accept it as so. The time stamps above were determined by MinasMorgul and verified by Sabsi. I can't hear anything well enough to personally verify them.

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Scene: Shadowfax's Arrival at Fangorn +

CR-TTT Track: Gandalf The White; A-13

Source Text: The Mearas


[5:37] For
[5:41] thon
[5:45] h
[5:49] ws

[5:53] Scea-
[5:56] dufx
[6:00] Hlford
[6:03] ealra

[6:05] Mara

[6:08] and

[6:11] h

[6:15] ne

[6:17] and

[6:19] de


This the version heard in the movie. The TTT-OST has a version using the same source text but a different melody.

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These time stamps work with the Complete Recordings of the TTT. If the song is on the regular or special edition CDs, you could find those timestamps on that track's cue by cue. To determine which track any song is on, you could consult the Master Lyrics List for the TTT.

Numbers after the scene indicate Disc and Track.

Sources for these lyrics as sung and their timestamps were developed over time, from many resources, and by many people. The most current source we have are the phonetic lyrics given to the choir for the TT Live to Projection Symphony. The work of figuring how to match source material with the phonetic lyrics and how to set them with timestamps has been done primarily by Sabsi with proofing and additonal contributions by Danijel and myself.

Not all singing that's heard in the movies or on CDs is included in the TT Live Symphony. Some are from extended scenes (and the Live to Projection series involves the theatrical editions of the movies) or from Fan Club scrolls. Or maybe they're an alternate version of score found on one of the CDs. For those pieces, we are left utilizing a variety of resources---all limited in their own way. These include:

  • The TTT Annotated Score : This provides only the sketchiest of information about the lyrics. We are only told in which track each source song is used first. Successive uses aren't indicated and neither are we told which lines are sung.

  • Musical notation : These sources include primarily MusicNotes sheet music and notation found in the CR Liner notes.

  • Our own ears : This is the resource we started with that we relied upon greatly. Sometimes is served us well. Sometimes not. I once said, "Although we all are exacting in our labors, our ears are human, not Elven. We are making our best guesses sometimes. One of us hears 'ah' and the other hears 'nah'. I also am beginning to suspect that there's quite a bit of counterpoint singing going one, either between a choir and a soloist, or between different sections of the choir. We may never know what some of these lyrics are for sure."

    For those songs that are not in the TT Live Symphony, we may-in fact-never know what's sung for sure. There has never been any eagerness to provide this information in any official way. Whether the lyrics as sung followed the source text in a comprehensible way or not, Shore's intention was: "Its more about sound than about meaning." (comment by Doug Adams) So, if it's not supposed to 'make sense' (the thinking goes), there's no reason for us to know what is being sung. My point is, I don't care if it makes sense either. I just want to sing along. So far, my point hasn't been proven persusive.

Thanks: as I said before, all of the most recent work involving the TT Live Symphony has been done by Sabsi with some help from Danijel and myself. Whether that information confirmed what we had before or completely replaced what we thought before or filled in what we had no clue before... lots of people contributed to what we 'had before'. Those people include:

Ainu Laire

Angela "Aty" Ferreira

Danijel Legin (Brn_Kathard)



Gwen Lloyd


Incanus (Mikko Ojala)

Kurt Milano (Ridan)


Lisa Graves


Sabsi Fronek






and the ones who started it all:

Ryszard Derdzinski and the folks at Gwaith-I-Phethdain






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