ROTK Complete Recordings - Disc 2

Lyric Time Stamps


Disc One

(track number to the left)


Sméagol and Déagol's seduction


Merry & Pippin singing at Edoras

12 Arwen's vision of Eldarion


Life blood of Eldar leaves Arwen


Remembering Boromir's wounding


Frodo at Minas Morgul (NIM)

Disc Two

(track number to the left)


Osgiliath is overrun


Gandalf wards off the Nazgul


Faramir rides out


Pippin sings for Denethor


That mountain is evil


Aragorn goes to Théoden's tent


Andúril revealed

9 Traveling the Dimholt Road


Do not look down


The Nazgul attack Minas Tirith


Disc Three

(track number to the left)


Minas Tirith is overrun


Drive them to the river!


Éowyn vs. the Witch King


The Death of Théoden


Hands of King / hands of healer


This darkness will endure


On the side of the mountain


For Frodo; the final battle


The Moth and the Eagles

Disc Four

(track number to the left)


Frodo claims the Ring


Gollum claims the Ring


Frodo fights Gollum for the Ring


Frodo dangles


Destruction of the Ring


Destruction of the Barad-dûr


Destruction Mordor / Mount Doom


Eagles come for Sam and Frodo


King Elessar sings Elendil's Oath

4 Arwen at the Coronation
7 Closing Credits : Into the West
7 Closing Credits : Arwen's Vision
8 Bilbo's Song
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Scene: Osgiliath is overrun +

CR-ROTK Track: Osgiliath Invaded; 2-1

Source Text: The Retreat from Osgiliath


[4:51] o
[4:52] red
[4:53] Gwan
[4:54] wen
[4:55] ost
[4:56] in
[4:58] gi
[4:59] li
[5:00] ath
[5:03] Dan
[5:05] nen
[5:06] Os
[5:09] gi
[5:10] li
[5:11] ath

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Scene: The White Rider repeals the Nazgul +

CR-ROTK Track: Osgiliath Invaded; 2-1

Source Text: White Rider


[7:50] Sí
[7:52] lant
[7:53] ca
[7:54] lad
[7:56] Dûn
[7:59] Tollen
[7:59] Ro
[8:00] chon
[8:02] 'Lân
[8:04] Men
[8:05] nen
[8:06] no
[8:07] red
[8:09] dîn

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Scene: Faramir & Co set out to retake Osgiliath  +

CR-ROTK Track: The Sacrifice of Faramir; 2-4

Source Text: The Last Son


[0:00] Boe
[0:03] le
[0:07] he
[0:10] ni
[0:14] o
[0:21] E
[0:25] sí
[0:28] câr
[0:32] a
[0:35] thad
[0:39] iyn
[0:43] A
[0:46] ne
[0:50] ah
[0:53] a
[0:57] phen
[1:01] I
[1:04] ú
[1:08] a
[1:11] the
[1:15] li
[1:18] tha


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Scene: Pippin sings for Denethor +

CR-ROTK Track: The Sacrifice of Faramir; 2-4

Source Text: The Edge of Night


[2:35 - 3:38]

Home is behind. The world ahead.

And there are many paths to tread.

Thru shadow to the edge of night.

Until the stars are all alight.

Mist and shadows, cloud and shade.

All shall fade. All shall fade.

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Scene: That mountain is evil +

CR-ROTK Track: Marshalling at Dunharrow; 2-6

Source Text: The Dimholt Road


This singing can be heard as the Rohirrim are making camp at Dunharrow just after Éomer says of the mountain, "None who venture there ever return. That mountain is evil." As Aragorn looks down the path into the mountain, an apparition of the King of the Dead appears.


[1:55] Go

[1:58] ve-

[2:01] gil

[2:03] to-

[2:06] lo

[2:08] hi

[2:11] 'Ni

[2:14] men

[2:17] 'war

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Scene: Aragorn is summoned to Théoden's tent - not in movie -

CR-ROTK Track: Marshalling at Dunharrow; 2-6

Source Text: The Dimholt Road / The Blade That Was Broken ??


The music from about 3:30 - end was scored for Aragorn's dream (and awakening) as he slept in tent at Dunharrow. The singing portion (4:12 - 4:55) starts as the Evenstar shatters and continues as Aragorn, startled from sleep, makes his way to Théoden's tent. Théoden takes his leave and the singing and track end in a crescendo as Aragorn turns to look at the hooded and cloaked figure.


Regarding source text:

The source text, The Blade That Was Broken, is listed in the AS-ROTK as being first heard in the CR-ROTK, Disc 2, Track 6. There were two pieces of singing in B06. We know the first one uses text from the source song, The Dimholt Road. This is the second one. The 'blade that was broken' is awaiting Aragorn in that tent. So the context of the lyrics could fit. But the music utilizes the Army of the Dead theme. It seems a bit odd that these would be combined with the Army of the Dead theme but perhaps the whole idea of 'stepping up' to his destiny is meant to be foreboding to Aragorn until he is convinced otherwise. In fact, Doug Adams says in the AS-ROTK:

The Army of the Dead theme playing under Aragorn’s nightmare was not used in the film. On disc, it ties Aragorn’s fears and his understanding of his responsibilities—a telling psychological portrait of a leader pushed to serve by his concern for others.

So, this could contain lyrics from The Blade That Was Broken.  It's also possible that the singing uses text from "The Dimholt Road" (heard earlier on that track) or from both source texts.


No lyrics determined yet.

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Scene: Andúril revealed at Dunharrow +

CR-ROTK Track: Andúril; 2-7

Source Text: Andúril


[01:59] Elo!
[02:00] An
[02:01] dú
[02:03] ril


The ROTK-OST has more singing but that singing is not in the movie.


[2:48] An(dú)

[2:50] ril


This last part is shown in the ROTK Live Symphony lyrics. I can't tell if it's sung on the CR-ROTK. The ROTK-OST has the complete word 'Andúril' (at 1:56) but the phrase apparently has been shortened for these later versions.

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Scene: Traveling on the Dimholt Road +

CR-ROTK Track: Dwimorberg – The Haunted Mountain, 2-9

Source Text: The Way is Shut


This singing is heard when the three travel along the Dimholt Road on their way to the Paths of the Dead.


The music is in 3/4 (except for last measure) but the timing is quite fluid.

A series of three dots indicate one beat of a sustained note.
  Tenors Bass
[0:00]   hol- ... ...
[0:03]   len ... ...
[0:06]   i ... ...
[0:09]   ven ... ...
[0:12]   in ... gyrth
[0:15]   gyrth ... ... (second line comes in a beat after first line)
[0:18]   han ... a
[0:21]   go ... ...
[0:24]   rer ... ...
[0:27] A ... ... ... ... ...
[0:30] han ... ... ... ... ...
[0:33] ... ... ... ... ... ...
[0:36] be-ri  ... be-ri ...
[0:39] -ar in ... -ar ... gyrth
[0:42] hol ... ... ... ... ...
[0:45] len ... ... len ... ...
[0:48] ... ... ... ...
[0:51]   i ... ...
[0:54]   ven ... ...
[0:57] hol ... ... hol ... ...
[0:59] ven ... ... ... ... ven ... ... ...


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Scene: The Paths of the Dead - Do not look down -

CR-ROTK Track: The Paths of the Dead; 2:11

Source Text: ??


Once in the mountain, the three encounter wispy, wraith like apparitions. Aragorn says, 'Do not look down' and they realize they're walking on skulls. (This is all before encountering the King of the Dead). No mention is made in the AS-ROTK as to what source text is used and it could be any number of ones previously used for the Army of the Dead theme.


1:25 -  2:04

No lyrics determined yet.

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Scene: The Nazgul attack Minas Tirith +

CR-ROTK Track: The Siege of Gondor; 2-12

Source Text: The Nazgûl


[4:12] Ris
[4:15] tais - dú
[4:18] ath
[4:20] Tellin
[4:23] i
[4:26] Neder
[4:29] Gurth
[4:32] reni
[4:35] a
[4:38] me-
[4:40] di-
[4:43] tha han
[4:46] phan
[4:49] Medi
[4:52] tha
[4:55] ar
[4:58] dhon

[5:03] ner
[5:04] chen
[5:05] nin
[5:06] o chuil
[5:07] Coll
[5:08] am na
[5:09] wae
[5:10] wath
[5:10] goe
[5:11] yl
[5:12] Tel
[5:13] lin i
[5:14] Ne
[5:15] der
[5:15] Gurth
[5:16] ren
[5:17] i
[5:18] a


This is longer on the CR than on the OST. (4:38 & 4:40 = additional syllables)

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These time stamps work with the Complete Recordings of the ROTK. If the song is on the regular or special edition CDs, you could find those timestamps on that track's cue by cue. To determine which track any song is on, you could consult the Master Lyrics List for the ROTK.

Numbers after the scene indicate Disc and Track.

Sources for these lyrics as sung and their timestamps were developed over time, from many resources, and by many people.

The most current source we have are the phonetic lyrics given to the choir for the ROTK Live to Projection Symphony. The work of figuring how to match source material with the phonetic lyrics and how to set them with timestamps has been done primarily by Sabsi with proofing and additional contributions me

Not all singing that's heard in the movies or on CDs is included in the ROTK Live Symphony. Some are from extended scenes (and the Live to Projection series involves the theatrical editions of the movies) or from Fan Club scrolls. Or maybe they're an alternate version of score found on one of the CDs. For those pieces, we are left utilizing a variety of resources---all limited in their own way. These include:

  • The ROTK Annotated Score : This provides only the sketchiest of information about the lyrics. We are only told in which track each source song is used first. Successive uses aren't indicated and neither are we told which lines are sung.

  • Musical notation : These sources include primarily MusicNotes sheet music and notation found in the CR Liner notes.

  • Our own ears : This is the resource we started with that we relied upon greatly. Sometimes is served us well. Sometimes not. I once said, "Although we all are exacting in our labors, our ears are human, not Elven. We are making our best guesses sometimes. One of us hears 'ah' and the other hears 'nah'. I also am beginning to suspect that there's quite a bit of counterpoint singing going one, either between a choir and a soloist, or between different sections of the choir. We may never know what some of these lyrics are for sure."

    For those songs that are not in the ROTK Live Symphony, we may-in fact-never know what's sung for sure. There has never been any eagerness to provide this information in any official way. Whether the lyrics as sung followed the source text in a comprehensible way or not, Shore's intention was: "It’s more about sound than about meaning." (comment by Doug Adams) So, if it's not supposed to 'make sense' (the thinking goes), there's no reason for us to know what is being sung. My point is, I don't care if it makes sense either. I just want to sing along. So far, my point hasn't been proven persuasive.

Thanks: as I said before, all of the most recent work involving the ROTK Live Symphony has been done by Sabsi with some help from Danijel and myself. Whether that information confirmed what we had before or completely replaced what we thought before or filled in what we had no clue before... lots of people contributed to what we 'had before'. Those people include:

Ainu Laire

Angela "Aty" Ferreira

Danijel Legin (Bârîn_Katharâd)


Gwen Lloyd


Incanus (Mikko Ojala)

Kurt Milano (Ridan)

Lisa Graves


Sabsi Fronek





and the ones who started it all:

Ryszard Derdzinski and the folks at Gwaith-I-Phethdain





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